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Cuban Black Beans and rice
Hi, I’ve never cooked for 65 before, I’ll be cooking for my church, and wondered how many pounds of pork ( no bone ).

How many pounds dry beans, and they’ve offered to make the rice, they have rice cookers, but I don’t know how much rice to get.

I’m also frying plantains and no idea how many. Was also gonna make avocado salad..... and I’m a lost girl.

I’ve read here and I’m guessing at these amounts, I. Would love some help lolol....

On the pork, 6 lbs. ???
On the rice maybe 5 bags???
On the dry beans, maybe 7 bags???
Plantains, maybe 6?

Thank you for this site!!!

Is this a tasting with little bitty servings or a Cuban dinner? Makes a huge difference. Write back!
A full blown dinner lolol!
For your arroz moros/congri, usually the cooked beans are mixed in with the raw rice and seasonings and then cooked together.

1 pound (2 cups) of raw rice only serves at most 8. You are looking at at least 8 pounds

1 pound dry beans serves 8 to 10, so you are looking at 6-8 pounds of dry beans, or 2 1/2 #10 cans

For pernil style pork, 3 pounds boneless shoulder or butt serves about 8, so that works out to 24 pounds.

People who have never had fried plantains gobble them. Each one will only serve about 4, and you might consider recruiting a fryer helper, as they take a lot of time and attention

Good luck with your project.

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