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Wedding reception for 200ish-new thread
Your site is great. I have a list of food for 200 person wedding reception at 4pm. Here’s my guesstimate on amounts. Would you confirm I am on track? Thanks!
Apps: 40 lbs cheese, 40 lbs fruit, multiple crackers
30 lbs salad ingredients
4 gal of dressing
100 lbs of chicken that will be breaded for chicken parm
40 lbs pasta
10 gals sauce
60 lbs bone in ham
60 lbs of potatoes to be made into scalloped
30 lbs veg (green beans/corn)
40 baguetteS
OK, good first pass.

40 lbs cheese, prob too much. About 24 pounds and add
3 gallons of hummus or other interesting dips and spreads plus pita chips or 15 pounds veggies for dipping, .
40 lbs fruit, plenty. About 7 quarts fruit dip
12 pounds multiple crackers. If you do a cream cheese block with jam topping for part of the cheese, ginger snaps, lemon snaps and animal crackers are options for some of the crackers.

30 lbs salad ingredients, OK
4 gal of dressing- only 2 gallons

60 lbs bone in ham- this is about 80 servings. 45 would likely be closer.
100 lbs of chicken that will be breaded for chicken parm
This is a lot of meat. I would do 4 ounce pieces and do about 80 pounds of chicken. You will have meat left over

40 lbs -20
10 gals sauce- 1 quart per pound= 5 gallons. Make sure some is meatless as a vegetarian entree choice

60 lbs of potatoes to be made into scalloped plenty with the pasta prob some left. Send me some, I LOVE scalloped potatoes.

30 lbs veg (green beans/corn) at least 40, would do 44

40 baguetteS - OK, 4 pounds butter or 4 pints dipping oil. You can put the bread and salad on the tables to help while everyone waits for the buffet. With 200, do 3 serving lines or 2 double-sided serving lines.

You can write back. If this saves you time trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support my remodel. Thanks

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