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Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
I'm having a party for my 21 year male old cousin. There will be 20-25 guests, half older family, half young men & women.
His favorite foods are hamburgers & hot dogs,I'm planning 1 hamburger & one hot dog per person, chips & assorted sodas. My cousin is not a big eater, likes simple foods. I'm thinking 9 lbs of ground beef and 4 packages of hot dogs? Is Thank you.
Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
Plenty, plenty. Consider adding interest with a marinated bean salad or a marinated veg salad/platter, about a gallon. Suggest you splurge on kosher hot dogs or even Polish sausage or kielbasa. Also, consider adding a side dish such as mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes that could act as a man course for anybody who does not want meat. 3 pounds dry pasta or about 8 pounds of potatoes.

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