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Anniversary dinner
We are doing an anniversary for my parents 50th and need help with the food amounts. We are making brisket, pulled pork, cheesy hash browns, baked beans, coleslaw, and buying rolls. I know how many cheesy hash browns to make but am not sure on the rest. could you please help. We are serving 120 people and its a come as you want buffet from 5:30 to 7:30 on a Saturday evening. Thanks
Nice classic menu.

pulled pork,
When you serve both of these, most people take some of each, heavy on the beef. I would do 60 pounds raw brisket and about 30 pounds raw bone in pork shoulder

Add 8 pounds sliced onions, 5 quarts pickle slices, 2 quarts table sauce. Don't forget mustard, too.

cheesy hash browns, you have
baked beans, 4 gallons. That is 5 1/2 #10 cans.
coleslaw, 3 gallons

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