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Baby shower brunch
Help making food for 70 people for a baby shower brunch. Trying to figure out how much to make.
Quiches, hash brown casarole, tortellini salad, Caesar salad, chicken salad and wraps. Woodland theme.
How much of each will i need? Ordering wraps but making all other food

Quiches, for 70 people, make about 8, at least 2 meatless
chicken salad, 1 gallon, about 4-5 pounds chicken meat
wraps, the size on these varies hugely, and popularity depends partly on flavors. 18 large cut in 4 pieces or 24 smaller cut in 3 pieces, or 30 6 inch cut in half would be about right


hash brown casserole, for 50
tortellini salad, for 40
Reverse if all women

Caesar salad,
use 3/4 the amount for 100 from the plan for 100 table.

Consider adding 2 fruit trays for 25 from the fruit tray page.

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Thank you for your help. The count has now moved to 80 people. I will increase quiches to 12 and fruit salad has been added. The girls now want a mimosas bar. How many gals of OJ and champagne. I figured 5 gals of oj and 10 bottles of champagne. THank you again for all of your help. Love this site!
Each bottle of champagne normally serves 2 to 2 1/2 people straight, no more than double that mixed, so you may wan to increase to at least 16 bottles. Some liquor stores will allow return of unopened bottles, this might be worth finding. Also, typically these are now made with prosecco, a sparkling wine, and even the Wall Street Journal recommends Freixnet brand. 5 gallons would do on the juice. You migh want to consider a mimosa punch:

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