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200 dozen cookies
Yikes! My church is doing a nativity night that usually brings in about 3000 people and everything is at no cost to the public. That said I’ve been tasked to have my ladies bake 200 dozen cookies for this event. Gotta any ideas? Recipe? Anything?

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First of all, have the ladies bake smallish cookies or cut smallish bars, just 2-4 bites. Most people at cookie fests want to have a lot of different ones. The standard large bakery bar cuts 4 of the right size for this type event.
1- Bar cookies baked in large sheets are easy and VERY popular. The large 18x24 sheet cuts 72 2x3 inch squares. Brownies, scotchies, 7 layer bars, oatmeal bars with dates, raisins or other dried fruit, choc chip, many more. MUCH faster than drop cookies...
One sheet holds 4 times the recipe for a 9x13 pan.

All the recipes below can be made and frozen. Start now:

One baker with a food processor can do 100 large biscotti in an afternoon using my biscotti baking binge on this site. For your party, I would make more in a smaller size:

More adventurous bakers who want to do fancier cookies:

2. All the above can be frozen. Start now.

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