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Enough food?
I'm having a simple, budget friendly party for a family birthday. I'm serving hamburgers, potato chips, sodas, vegetables and dip. This is the birthday boy's request (21 yr old) there will be 20-25 people , including about 5 young men, remaining guests are varying ages from 13-adults. I'm thinking: 7 lbs ground beef (making my own patties)
40 buns , 1 head lettuce, 1 qrt mayo, small bottle mustard, 2 red onions, 3 lbs tomatoes, 1 1/2 lb sliced cheese. I'll check the chip package for servings. 30 sodas, 30 bottled water or would liters of soda cost less? on a budget here. I'll check your recommendation for the veggie tray. Cake & ice cream will be donated. Does this sound like enough food ?
It is a bit light.

I would do quarter pound burgers=10 pounds.

40 buns , OK, but consider having 4 dozen
1 head lettuce, do 2
1 qtmayo, ok
small bottle mustard, suggest 1 yellow and 1 spicy
2 red onions, ok
3 lbs tomatoes, ok. might do 4?
1 1/2 lb sliced cheese. very close, only 24 slices. Maybe 2 pounds

jar pickle relish or quart pickle slices
20+ ounces ketchup
Chips are expensive and serve about 1/2 what they say on the package. You could homemake a gallon of slaw and a gallon and a half of potato or pasta salad for less. Also more filling. With slaw could skip veggie platter, as they are more expensive than slaw.

2 liter sodas MUCH cheaper than cans, each about the same as a 6 pack. 1/2 to 1 pound ice per person. Consider making a gallon of iced tea or lemonade also.

Hope this helps. Happy birthday.

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