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Mexican inspired menu
I just found out that my numbers have increased from 40 people to 52 people. This is an employee lunch birthday party where people eat in three lunch times. My menu is seven layer dip with corn chips, Mexican stuffed chicken breast, baked green chili rice, Lettuce salad with various vegetables with the lime vinaigrette and or ranch chipotle dressing, and mango tres Leche cake. Due to the increase in numbers what can I do to expand this menu? I am preparing all the food and I need to keep within my budget, so I’m looking for economical ideas. Thank you for any and all help.
Of course you will increase the chicken and rice by a generous 1/4 so everyone has those. The least expensive add in in keeping would be whole beans such as the borracho beans on this site which are especially interesting if made with black beans. 5 pounds dry beans or 2 #10 cans of beans to start. You don't need quite as much as the orginal recipe because of the 7 layer dip.

It never hurts to have a commercial size sour cream (about 6 pounds) to garnish.

I found a recipe for Mexican corn salad, soI am adding that to the menu as well. Thank you for your help. I certainly appreciate it.
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