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Wedding for 250
Hi Ellen! I'm helping a friend with a wedding that is at 4 pm. Could you tell me if I have enough of the following for 250 guests? Chicken Alfredo. 60 lbs chicken, 40lbs sauce and chicken parmesan 60lbs chicken and 40lbs sauce and spaghetti with meatballs 50lbs ground beef and 40lbs sauce and Italian salad 22 lbs salad mix and bread sticks 25 lbs, we are also preparing steamed Italian vegetables, calzones with beef, cheese picadine w
Ith marinara sauce an gnocchi with bacon. 24 gallons sweet tea, 24 gallons lemonade and 24 gallons Unsweet tea. Thanks so much for your help.
Hope this helps. Be aware that you need at least 3 serving lines- 2 double-sided would be better; 4-5 people in the kitchen and at least 12-15 out front to set up, serve and clean up. These will be working during the service.

This looks like way too much meat/entree, especially with the other dishes. You want about 85 to no more than 95 pounds total raw boneless meats.

The salad is short. Use the salad guide on the plan for 100 page for exact help, including dressings.

55-60 pounds ready to cook veggies

about 40 pounds breads, 8 pounds butter

12 gallons lemonade, 16 sweet, 8 unsweet plenty. Water, about 12 gallons, and the flavored/fruited in large carafes are very popular now.

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Hi Ellen! Wedding for 250. Could you please let me know if I have enough of the following? The wedding is 4:00 pm. Spaghetti with meatballs- 4.5 gallons spaghetti sauce and 18 lbs meatballs. Chicken Alfredo- 24 lbs chicken tenders and 4.5 gallons white sauce. Caneloni with ground beef and sausage- 20 lbs ground beef and 5 lbs sausage . Gnocchi with bacon and tomatoes- 20 lbs gnocchi. Chicken Parmesan - 24 lbs chicken breast- 4 lbs spaghetti sauce to use with Parmesan chicken and caneloni. Thank you!
Is this a new menu for the above weddieng?
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