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baby shower breakfast buffet
having 50-60 guests for baby shower. We are serving variety of eggs dishes in chaffing pans. 4 different varieties of eggs dishes. I understand one pan would feed between 16-20 people. How many dozen eggs would it take to fill the plain scrambled egg pan?
Also having a chaffing pan of french toast, a yogurt bar, muffins and pastry. Additionaly we are having a ham and scallop potatoes and veggie for those who want lunch. Should we make more than 4 trays of different eggs?
Not sure what you means by 4 trays of different eggs. For 50 guests, plan recipes using a total of 100 eggs, or 8 to 9 dozen.

Also, how much a pan holds depends on how deep it is. 5 eggs is one cup. You can find the volume of the different depths of trays on page:

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