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Wedding Reception Amounts for 700 People
Hi Ellen! I so appreciate your website! I'm coordinating my sister's late morning wedding, with approximately 700 people in attendance (crazy amount, I know!!)
We are planning on serving:
Pre-made Croissant deli sandwiches (each is cut in half)
Caesar Salad
Tortilla Chips

Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Syrup
Maraschino Cherries
Raspberry Sherbert Punch
Coffee Service

For this amount of people, how much would you recommend of each item to make sure that we don't run out, and how many people should I make sure we have in the kitchen (it is a very large facility) to run smoothly? We are already planning on many food lines, and most of those helping have meal production experience for events of 400 people.
I'm planning to have teams for each item being made. What do you think could be safely made the day before vs the morning of?
Thank you!

Kate, please remind your sister that the average wedding guest will spend $200 to $500 to attend (gifts, transportation, outfit, accommodations) and encourage her to be a bit more generous with her food plan. This sounds more like a lunchbox lunch than a wedding feast.

For example, with 700 people, a self serve appetizer plan with at least fruit, cheese, and crackers is really minimal. One appetizer service area for each 100 to 125 people. Otherwise you have literally hundreds of people standing around for an hour or more with nothing to eat or drink....

For a late morning wedding, people will be HUNGRY. I would add at least 3 additional side dishes, carb heavy, such as a pasta, rice, or potato salad (or both), plus a marinated bean or antipasto veggie salad, plus a slaw. All these can be made 2 days in advance and refrigerated.

With 700 people, you must also allow for gluten free, dairy free, low carb and vegetarian guests. Here are some options:

Serve the fillings and breads separately, with clearly labeled gluten free rolls and crackers as one option. Have some fillings with no mayo, some pork free, some meatless.

Have several serving areas each with two-three different sandwich flavors

And do please try to find mini croissants instead of halves. Same amounts of filling and looks MUCH better

Talk over he menu with he bride and then write back.

Servers to set up, serve and clean up, 8-9 people per 100 guests

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