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Small Pizza party
I'm having a small pizza party for 10 guests. Serving fried cheese sticks & fruit kabobs for appetizers. For lunch, I'm serving fried chicken wings, green salad and assorted pizzas.Chocolate cake & homemade ice cream for desert, these are the guest of honor's favorite foods. How many chicken wings should I buy? How many pizzas? I will make at least on veggie as I know for sure 1 guest is vegetarian. And how much ice cream to make?
Thank you in advance.
6 pieces wings, or 2 large wings per person.

Pizza, depends on age of eaters, 2 slices large or 3 slices medium per person. Add about 1/4 more more if teens.

People love homemade ice cream, allow at least 1 full cup per person, 3 quarts.

A fruit tray instead of kabobs would be fine and is much easier to prep.

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