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Wedding reception for approximately 250
I’ve been asked to provide sides for a friend’s wedding reception. The wedding is scheduled at 5:30 pm. They are providing pulled pork and have asked for the following:
Loaded mashed potato casserole
Green beans with red pepper strips
Mexican street corn casserole
Baked beans

I have figured the following amounts:
Potatoes - 90 lbs
Green beans - 60 lbs/ red peppers -20
Corn - 250 C frozen corn
Baked beans - 7 gallons
Coleslaw - 40 lbs
Buns - 250 full size or 600 slider
Do you think I need to adjust anything? They are having cheese balls and veggie trays on the tables for guests prior to dinner.

Very good effort! I think some of your numbers could use a little adjustment. There is also one caution on the pork: with 250 people you will have some non-pork eaters and vegetarians, so you must provide an entree option, such as vegetarian sausages or patties, about 18 servings

Potatoes - 90 lbs- none left. Be SURE that bacon bits are on the side, NOT on the dish
Green beans - 60 lbs/ red peppers -20 plenty
Corn - 250 C frozen corn- 55 pounds
Baked beans - 7 gallons- 8 pounds dry or 4 #10 cans per 100. Consider making and labeling some meatless as discussed above
Coleslaw - 40 lbs- 6 gallons
Add 2 1/2 gallons sliced pickles and 20 pounds sliced and soaked raw onion
Buns - 250 full size or 600 slider. I normally estimate 12 regular buns per 10 people and 12 sliders per 5. Get good buns! It makes a difference.

250 guests requires about 5 people in the kitchen and about 12-15 people out front to set up, serve, and cleanup day of.

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