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Graduation Party
Planning a graduation party for 140 on a budget so doing a lot myself.
Planning on Broasted Chicken 120 pieces?
Meatballs w/gfs brown gravy 280
Mostaccioli 12 # dry?
Taco Bar/Walking Tacos
Party Sub 5' qty 3?
along with sides like Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and Green Beans, Nacho Cheese sauce.

How many do I cook/order for? Am I close with what I'm thinking above? Since I have so many entrees do I need enough to serve 140?
Just found your site and LOVE it!

Tammy, I would like to simplify your menu, especially since you are DIY. Not only more food than you need, but also this is not a realistic plan for a single cook with a single oven. Some of your items are costly and unnecessary.

Would you consider doing just a taco bar with a nacho and a taco salad option? This is simple and hugely popular with this age group.

Or if there are one or two items your grad has specially requested, what are they?

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