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Ham and scallop potatoes
I am going to do a church dinner for about 85 people, adults and teens. I was going to do ham with scallop potatoes. How much ham would I need? What would be a good side dish? Thank you.
Do one 13x9 without ham, for any non-pork eaters in the group, as there will probably be some.

Each 13x9 serves 8, I would do 10 with ham and one without, using about 35 pounds of potatoes and about 2 pounds ham per dish.

I would suggest two veggies for both flavor and the look of the plate. If you have lots of oven room, roasted is easy and good. Color, too- maybe grilled tomato halves and a squash mix or green beans or broccoli. 22 pounds if one, or about 16-18 pounds each of 2. Another option, a veg plus 7 quarts of a marinated salad (3 beans, broccoli) or slaw.

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