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Wedding Cupcakes
Hi, I have a question about the amount of cupcakes to make for a wedding reception. There will be approximately 140 guest. No wedding cake for guest just cupcakes. I am making 4 flavors of cupcakes and would like to know how many of each flavor to make.?The flavors are vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream, chocolate w/ chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream, red velvet w/cream cheese buttercream and strawberry shortcake cupcakes. Thanks in advance for your help.
This is very tricky because of the number of flavors. In order to have what every one wants, you will end up making some extra.

vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream, 48
chocolate w/ chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream, 48
red velvet w/cream cheese buttercream, 36
strawberry shortcake cupcakes, 36

You might consider using colored shots or sprinkles to decorate.

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