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200 large chicken salad crossants
I'm making 200 chicken salad crossants (using large croissants).
Need to verify quantities 40 pounds of diced chicken
Mandarian oranges 3 #10 cans
12 pounds of diced celery
Also serving pasta salad and sliced fluit.
Thank you for your assistance. Have a wonderful day
I would not use the mandarin orange recipe for this- too moist, the sandwiches get soggy. Instead you might use diced peppers or raisins or dried cranberries and sunflower or pumpkin seeds (not tree nuts-allergies).

40 pounds of diced chicken= 80 cups= 5 gallons
Mandarin oranges 3 #10 cans= 36 cups drained, sub other items
12 pounds of diced celery= 48 cups increase to 18-20 pounds
Add 5 pounds fresh parsley, chopped
Mayo, about 3-4 gallons- mighty tasty to use an asian sesame gnger dressing for part of the dressing

Do make a dozen vegetarian sandwiches, maybe cheese, for any non-meat eaters.

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