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Pig Roast Side Dishes
Some how I was roped into helping at a pig roast dinner. I'm supposed to assign 5 people to bring the side dishes for a pig roast, everyone is willing to bring something, they just don't know what to bring. Any ideas?
I'm making the punch, thinking of making a fruit punch with lot's of ginger ale to cut the fat of the pork, maybe add some fresh ginger as well? There will also be beer & wines.
We usually stuff the pig with bread filling. And make hash brown potato casserole.
I have nothing to do with cooking the pig.
I'm in charge of sides. We need a complete meal to go with the pig. Bread & potatoes won't do for this food loving crowd!
Visualize color, texture as well as flavor. Most of these are mostly or fully made ahead.

A cold veg/ salad dish; Marinated veggies like my antipasto veggies. Or marinated artichoke hearts with pimento and cherry peppers. Or a mango corn salsa. 2 gallons per 100

A main veg dish; Roasted ear corn if you don't use in the salsa. 4 ears for every 3-4 people, depends on age of crowd. OR Italian style roasted veggies, as these can be served room temp

Slaw of course, 2 1/2 gallons per 100.

A starchy salad; A tabouli salad or French style rice salad would be more interesting than a traditional pasta or potato salad. About 3 1/2 gallons per 100.

Non-meat entree; Have a meatless bean dish or veggie sausages for any non-pork eaters, there will be some.

Really good bread or rolls, 12-14 pounds per 100 plus 3 pounds butter or seasoned olive oil.

Gallon of pickles per 100.

Table sauce, pint per 8-10.

Amazing fruit dish: Fresh raw or grilled pineapple is a grand choice- brush with soy sauce mixed with honey to grill. OR a sliced orange or chunk watermelon salad with chopped fresh mint, feta cheese crumbles and a bit of a honey drizzle. OR fried or baked apples with plenty of spices

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