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Do It Yourself Sandwich Bar for 35
I’m hosting a dinner for 35 people for my daughter’s 18th birthday. We are expecting about 35 people. Mostly adults. I’m thinking to set out deli meats, cheese slices, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and condiments.

I was planning to make a couple salads, maybe soup? And there will be brownies, cookies and some fresh fruit for dessert.

I have no idea what quantities to provide. I am open to any feedback on menu choices.

You are in luck, the sandwich planning page is perfect for you.

18-24 eat about 15% more than older adults so if 20 guests or more are you daughter's age, plan for about 50 servings, or 1/2 the amount for 100.

A pasta salad or potato salad plus a marinated veg or green salad, use 1/3 the amount for 100 from the plan for 100 list.

A fruit tray from the fruit tray page.

3 pints each of pickles and olives.

And deviled eggs are always wildly popular....

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