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Wedding reception meal for 160
I've been searching high and low for some help with this and came acrossed this.
I'm having a vow renewal with a reception and dinner to follow for 160 people. Some may not show or some that weren't invited may show. My family and I are buying,preparing and surfing a buffet style dinner. I was wondering if I posted what was being made if I could get some guidance on how much to make perdish to serve that many people. Some of those guest will also be children or teens. My fear is to run out of food before everyone has eaten.
The menu is
Pulled pork sandwiches
Cream of chicken sandwiches
Cheesy potatoes
Collard greens
Pasta salad
Green beans
Mexican rice
Puerto rican rice
(A mix of random foods, I know)
Thank you.
160 is at the outer range of do-able for a family. I have a few additions and suggestions to help make it easier.

Pulled pork sandwiches- 16-18 pounds raw boneless pork to start
Add 10 pounds sliced onions, 1 1/2 gallons sliced pickles, 1 gallon bbq table sauce
Cream of chicken sandwiches- 10-12 pounds boneless chicken (double for whole chicken or quarters)
Strongly suggest you use slider size rolls, much less waste, buy one dozen slider per 5=about 30 dozen. Much less waste and accomodates both small children and big eaters.

Cheesy potatoes- 45 pounds plus 2 1/2 gallons sauce for scalloped potatoes, if a single pan refrigerated overnight, expect to bake 2-2 1/2 hours at 350
Mexican rice
Puerto Rican rice
Total dry rice, 12 1/2 pounds (1 gallon, 3 2/3 quarts
PLUS 2 gallons 3 quarts water, 3 tablespoons salt =100 cups). Divide according to your estimate of how much of each. Look up "baked rice" on this siite for how to make in the oven or roaster.

Green beans- 30 pounds ready to cook
Collard greens- 58 pounds, raw "as purchased" OR about 28 pounds frozen, ready to cook

These can be made 48-72 hours ahead:
Pasta salad- 6 pound dry pasta plus add-ins
Strongly suggest you add a meatless bean dish such as a marinated bean salad, 3 gallons or same of marinated vegetables. Will provide a plate filler for any non-meat eaters, and there will be some.

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