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Retirement Party
We are having a retirement party for my husband and expecting 100 -200 people. The guests will be in and out all night. We are serving pulled pork, Mostaccioli and cheesy potatoes. The pulled pork will be pre cooked. The Mostaccioli and cheesy potatoes can be pre cooked or cooked in the roaster, but they will have to be refrigerated prior to the party. I have no idea how long to put any of the food in the roasters so it is hot when guests start arriving. I'm pretty much a novice with my Nesco roaster. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
OK, first some roaster notes.

One roaster serves about 60 people.
Two electric roasters will blow a standard 15 amp electric circuit, which means if you need more than one, you will be plugging them in in different rooms.
It you have a nice big oven, you can use 2 racks and 2 giant turkey roasting pans in the oven. If you use aluminum foil pans you MUST put each on a sturdy cookie sheet. You risk hot food all over the floor if you dont.

A large refrigerated pan takes an extra hour to heat. Use an instant read thermometer to check for 165 n the middle of the casserole.

The biggest risk for food safety is failing to chill fast when making, must go in the fridge asap and be below 40 in 2 hours.

Consider adding some non hot carbs, such as pasta and/or potato salad, marinated bean salad. Then one roaster each of the mostaciolli and potatoes would hold you.

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