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How much kielbasa is needed for 200 adult guest
Karen Jutkiewicz
I'm making sweet and sour kielbasa over rice as a main dish for at least 200 adults how much kielbasa would i need? And rice?
n a crowd of 200, you are going o have some non-pork eaters and some non-meat eaters, so be sure to have at least one labeled pot of vegetarian sausage topping. Field Roast makes several vegetarian sausages that would do in this type recipe.

For the regular folks, assuming you will be cutting chunks and not serving whole sausages, and assuming mixed men and women, allow 1 pound sausage for each 3 people if it is self serve. If all men and whole, 2 sausages each, which is a whole lot more.

Rice under the sausage, here is the plan for 100 table

Rice Uncooked Cooked Quantity or Measure
Rice, side dish 7-8 1/2 pounds 1 gallon 5 cups 75 cups
PLUS 2 gallons water, 2 tablespoons salt
Rice, under 12 1/2 pounds 1 gallon, 3 2/3 quarts 100 cups
PLUS 2 gallons 3 quarts water, 3 tablespoons salt
Rice, main dish 16 pounds 2 1/2 gallons135 cups
Paella, biryani

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