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Buffet for 250 people
I am smoking ribeye roast for 250 people. I am also serving salmon. How many pounds of each do I need?
Oh, delicious. Wm., when offered roast beef on a buffet, people tend to eat way lots of meat. The only way I know to keep the portions somewhat reasonable, is for someone to stand there and carve /serve the meat; and since you are talking 250 people, that is 3 serving lines or 2 double-sided serving lines, so you are looking at 2-3 designated carvers.

If you have servers, and cook low and slow to minimize shrinkage, you can plan on 1/2 pound bone in raw weight, no leftovers or seconds. If you choose to go self serve, expect 12-14 ounces raw weight per person.

For the salmon, 1 pound raw whole per 5 people.

Do be sure to have an entree or side dish for any vegetarians or other medical diets. Plan on at least a dozen servings. The unchuck roast on this site smokes beautifully.

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