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Reheating 60 (5 oz.) Cube steaks with gravy
Marcia Stebbins
We have 60 (5 oz.) Cube steaks with mushroom and onion gravy to reheat . We froze them 10 to a bag with gravy. We have thawed them in refrigerator. How long to reheat in a Nesco 18 electric roaster?
Marcia, 2 roasters, plugged in on different circuits or they blow the fuse.

Transfer to preheated roasters which have been sprayed with nonstick spray. When they bubble around the edges , turn to 300 and cook covered 2 1/2 hours, or until center reads 180 on an instant read thermometer. Turn to 180 to hold.

Do stir thoroughly a few times and watch the liquid level. I recommend hot broth, not water, if you have to add liquid.

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