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Ham for 150 (no oven?)
We are going to be catering an event for 150 people and for one of the main dishes they have selected ham. We don't have the oven space to cook these and we'd like to use electric roasters. Our thought was to slice the "precooked" ham and heat it in a broth , in the electric roaster. We have been successful with this before, but this last time the texture of the ham was tough, it was more chewy then before. So we are wondering if this is the best way. We could oven bake them in advance, slice and refrigerate and then reheat in broth.... any suggestions on the best way to prepare this?
Usually tough means too high a heat or too long a hold; occasionally a bad ham. Assuming about 30 pounds ready to serve, use 2 roasters (remember about circuits blowing if 2 are on the same circuit).

How long did you reheat at what temp?

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