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Cook Talk

We have decided to go with a venue that will be preparing the food for our daughter’s wedding reception. It will be buffet. Salad, chicken and sausage jambalaya, chicken Alfredo, vegetable medley and rolls. No appetizers. When the guest leave the church they will start serving them. Does this seem tacky? And does this menu sound good ?
If the guests start eating when they come in, many will be done before the wedding party arrives. I guess if you don't plan any dancing or activities, that might work, but it is very unusual...

Menus for this type event do need to include a least one dish that can serve as an entree for any guests who are not mea eaters, and you don't have one; all they would have is salad and a serving of cooked vegetables.

Most guests spend $200-500 to attend a wedding by the time they have dealt with gifts, outfits, lodging, travel. Your venue has not offered good advice. I would never recommend omitting some sort of appetizer arrangements or using such a scanty menu for this type event.

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