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Charcuterie table for 140 guests
I am planning a wedding reception table for 140 guests on a Saturday afternoon 3:00-7:00pm. It will be filled with charcuterie, cheeses, stuffed mushrooms, fruit & veg skewers, olives, stuffed figs, nuts of all kinds, artichokes, dips, artisan crackers, jalapeno cheese bread, breadsticks, marinated items, pickled items, jams, sauces, and honey with comb. I am trying to determine amounts of each item. The table will be accessible from both sides and both ends. It is not meant to be a buffet with a beginning and ending point. Thoughts?
Traffic jam.

Hi, Karen,

A table/ service area serves 50-75 people in an hour when there are many choices to be made, and this is just such a table. So first off, if you don't want some guests waiting 2 hours for food, plan at least 2 service areas and 3 would not be too many.

You will want to end up with about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds of food per person, expecting about 1 pound of cheese per 5 (ncludng cream cheese and spreads)and 2 pounds of meats per 5-6.

The skewers are fiddly; well presented trays with some skewers as trim are beautiful, keep better, have more usable leftovers, and take much much less handling/ prep time.

Other than that, an attractive idea that will fill out as the menu firms. Dolmas would be an attractive addition. Both Aetna and Aegean pack a 60 item can that refreshes well with fresh lemon juice and good olive oil.

A caution, I strongly urge you to avoid peanuts and peanut oil any dish. Peanut allergies are devastating, and in some cases can be triggered by contact even without consumption.

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