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Heavy appetizers for 150
Karen Davis
Hello Ellen and I hope your holiday was great!!! I am doing another heavy appetizer party for our schools auction to raise money for scholarships for the kids. It is being held at 5:00 PM on a Saturday and will include only adults, no drinking and right now is 150 attendees. I have plenty of help and a large kitchen. I will premake what I can and freeze and reheat.
I am having 11 bistro tables set around the larger tables that will have silent auction items on them.
This is what I am thinking for the appetizers:11 stations with 225 pcs each ( I am planning on 1 1/2 apps per station per person) for a total of about 2500 pcs.
Open faced chicken Parmesan sandwiches topped with Ricotta sprinkles
Crispy ravioli w/ a spicy Alfredo drizzle on a stick
BBQ Pulled pork bruschetta with a crispy onion topping
Mini bacon and cheese balls served on pretzel sticks
Cheesy corn dog mini muffins with a Chili verde glaze
Mini spaghetti cups with a meatball on a stick
Tea sized egg salad sandwiches and deviled ham sandwiches
Taquitos served in a 5 oz cup with layered Mexican dip
Goat cheese & honey on a sweet cracker topped w/ pecans
Wonton cup with shrimp dip (like Shrimp wantons)
What think you Maestro?
Hi, Karen, is this the more or less final?

Be sure NOT to use peanut oil for frying.

10-12 pieces is plenty for an hour and a half.

Do consider easing up on yourself with antipasto veg- marinated mushrooms, cauliflower, olives, etc as part of the choice.

And maybe some fruit?

One starchy dish such as a tricolor pasta salad or asian noodle salad instead of one of the cuties would not be out of order.

Maybe just do the meatballs with no spaghetti cups.

Make it a little easier on yourself and your volunteers so everyone can enjoy it.

Looking forward to hearing back on this thread.

Ellen nothing is ever final for me!!! I am trying all these out on a smaller scale (14 people) for a Greek Valentine's dinner on Feb 6th so will tweak as needed. I have asked the guys that attended last year if they would want something like the antipasto veges or the pasta salad and they unanimously said NO!!! I enjoy doing this so it is not a problem at all.
If I get rid of anything it will be the raviolis I think. I have already breaded 240 pieces and frozen them but I can always find people at church that will take them off my hands if I decide not to offer them.
I thank you once again for your enormous help and words when it comes to my functions. You are amazing!!!!
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