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having a 15th bday Italian and Spanish. plan on having a catering size pan of white rice beans on the side, typical fried chicken dish, 2 pork shoulders-pernil, broccoli and ziti, salad, maybe a pastelito or kipe side dish, rolls thinking about getting a few pizza's for the lil kids about 130 people even is 12-4pm how much of each is recommended it is lunch time, before dinner so I got 9" plates-help!
Hi, Nel,

This s a great occasion. I don't have a clue how many people you are expecting are teens and how many are 12 or under, this really affects food quantities.

white rice beans on the side, a standard steam able size pan serves about 24; if the beans and rice are separate, about 30 servings per pan of beans or rice
typical fried chicken dish, 1 piece per person
2 pork shoulders-pernil, everybody will want a bite, 50 pounds bone in shoulder
broccoli and ziti, if a casserole, about 22 pounds chopped broccoli and 10 pasta. If separate,
salad, see the plan for 100 page do 1 1/4 the amount for 100
pastelito or kipe side dish, 2 small pieces per person, 1 for kids
rolls, get good ones, 15 pounds plus 4 pounds butter

Some kind of serious tomato dish or salad would be lovely with this menu.

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