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Chicken Pot Pie for 600 teens
Considering making chicken pot pie for 600 teens, how much chicken n would I Need?
Bev, this is about 500 pounds (quarter ton) of food, so how much chicken is just a tiny part of food and food safety. Can you tell me about your kitchen, whether you will do individual pies or trays. Biscuit topping or pastry, and so forth. Please write back.
Not individual pies. I will be using full size metal trays 13 x 20 I think is the size. I will do a pastry top, or potentially a tator tot topping. Not a biscuit topping. Combination of chicken and mixed vegetables combined with a cream of chicken soup. I was thinking I could add cubed potatoes to cut back on the amount of chicken needed. Will be using convection oven and gas oven. I can bake 8 or 10 trays at once. We have a warmer that we use to keep food hot until serving.
Each pan serves about 20, so you are looking at 30 pans. That means if they all require baking you must do 3 or 4 batches and the last one won't be done till around 2 hours after the first. Usually that is not acceptable for serving unless you are doing shifts.

The "quick and dirty" food service secret is to bake all the bscuiy or pastry tops ahead and heat all the filling in pots on the stove (or roasters or steamer vats) and assemble just before serving. It works.

Per pan, 3 pounds (6 cups) of boneless meat, 1 1/2 pounds mixed veg (thawed if frozen), 1 quart celery/potato (partially cooked), 1 1/ to 2 quarts gravy.Your parsley, seasonings to taste. Other secrets: make turkey pot pie; cook meat ahead and use carcasses to make the gravy broth; stretch with celery and not potato, or less potato. Use part cream of celery, not just cream of chicken if you use soup, but reduce costs by using part cream sauce made with chicken/turkey broth and milk.

If you do add potatoes, cube them very small.

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