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church buffet luncheon - timing
Barbara B
I am the lead for a church capital campaign kick-off event. We are offering a catered luncheon after a one-hour service. The venue is a high school cafeteria that has room for 2 two-sided buffet lines. The meal is simple so people won't spend too much time making selections (chicken on skewers, falafel, 2 salads, med dips and pitas).

Does anyone know how long will take a group this size to serve themselves? I imagine 15-25 minutes for the meal - what do people think?

Barbara, you did not say how many people?
Ball park, divide number of people by the 4 lines, take that number and and allow at least 2 minutes per person. Put beverages and desserts at a separate station or on tables or it really slows down.

Allow 40 minutes eating time from the last person who serves themselves

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