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Paella @ the Beach
I'm having a party for 20 at the beach, I'd like to make a seafood & chicken Paella.
Can you give any tips to make it an easy dish?
I don't have a Paella pan, I'm thinking a shallow chafing pan would work or should I buy a Paella pan?
Any idea on prepping & amounts would be appreciated.
Suzanne, for 20 people you need a huge pan, or several big ones.

I like my family recipe for paella de Onis in the recipe box.

See these encouraging off site articles:

Has to be shallow pan, wide heat source, short grain rice.
Cut 2 chickens into 10 pieces each, or use 20 thighs. Brown them slightly before you do anything else and set aside. Skip pork for safety sake.

Real saffron if you can possibly afford it! Some cognac is good.

Have fun!

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