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Cook Talk

Dessert for 275 people
Paula Trotter
Could you suggest 1 or 2 desserts for 275 people that would be fairly easy. We have limited kitchen, oven and refrigerator space. The budget is $2.50 per person.
Do you have bakers? The least expensive and simplest would be an array of small cookies and bars . Small, seriously, about 2-3 bites. At least 4 per person, such as a lemon bar, a little brownie, a a mini biscotti and a truffle or jam cookie or other small cookie or tart.

No oven, no last minute prep. Can be plated 4 to a plate, or on a large platter placed in the center of a round dinner table (which encourages people to talk to each other) or served on a dessert buffet.

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