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Cook Talk

Dessert Buffet Planning
I am planning to host an outdoor dessert buffet at about 7pm for around 50-75 people. This is my planned menu; I feel like there is too much variety:

Red Velvet Cupcakes
White Almond Cake
Lemon Squares
Raspberry Bars
Creme de Menthe Brownies
Meringue "Cookies"
Tiramisu Cookie Tarts
Banana Pudding
Cherry Delight
Ambrosia Salad
S'mores Station (there will be a bonfire)

And just so guests dont OD on sugar, some savory snacks:
Crudettes and Dip
Pita Chips and Humus
Cheese and Crackers
Spiced Nuts
Relish Tray
Cocktail Meatballs

I like providing variety, but I'm afraid this is overkill.

To me, this is way too many choices.

No more than 5 desserts, including the s'mores

No crudites, no meatballs, no relish tray. Some nuts yes, maybe a pretzel mix or chex mix.

No puddingish dishes. Stick to bars, cup cakes. do one lemon, one fruit, one chocolate, one almond. Make small so people can have 3 or 4 without death by guilt.

Thank you Ellen. How do I plan how many pieces of each dessert to offer? Two of each per person? I know some wont take any of one kind and more of another.
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