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Cook Talk

My family & I are having a visual Father's Day Dinner,everyone will be cooking @ this own homes, we'll be conferencing, cooking and hopefully sitting down to eat @ the same time. The menu will be beef , chicken, call, shrimp & salmon kabobs(cooked separately) We have some meat eaters, some pescatarians & most eat everything, vegetable kabobs, rice pilaf, Greek salad & pita bread. Dessert will be mini peach pies & ice cream.
Do you have any tips for cooking the kabobs? Most of us don't grill, would it e better to broil or bake the kabobs? Is it to long to marinate the vegetable kabobs overnight(in a olive oil & oregano dressing)
Each house will be serving 4-5 people.'
What a good idea!
Broiling will give a more grill-like result. Your various meats use different amounts of time.

Cooking/skewering veggies separately is wise, marinating overnight is fine, I parboil potato and onion chunks a bit before threading.

Do preheat the oven thoroughly (20 minutes) before putting the meat in. Do soak wooden skewers. Fish or shrimp take barely 10 minutes, depending on size. Chicken or pork close to 30.

DO NOT use the used (raw meat) marinade on the cooking meats. Have some fresh made set aside for oven basting.

This off site link has good pictures for oven kabobbing:

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