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Graduation Open House

I'm having a graduation party for my son in late June, hopefully after things open up from quarantine. So far, we've invited 275 guests, but I have no idea how many will actually come due to social-distancing. I think I should plan for around 200?

4 open houses are occurring on the same day. Mine is 4-8pm.

It is a chips and dips menu. Here are the estimates that I tried to figure out from your site:

Warm - Cheesy bean dip – ?
Warm - Spinach/Artichoke dip – ?
Warm - Buffalo Chicken Dip – ?
Tortilla Chips – 16 lbs
Pita Chips – 10 lbs (I assume that homemade is cheaper?)

Warm – Pizza (Marinara) Sauce Dip - ?
Bread Sticks - ?
(Or would sliced bread French bread be cheaper – 10lbs?)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – 2 gallons
Ranch Dip – 1 gallon
Baby Carrots – 10 lbs
Celery - 10 lbs

Watermelon slices – 10 lbs
Either grape clusters (10 lbs) OR strawberries (10 lbs)

Cheese Cubes – 8 lbs
Olives – 3 lbs

Cake – (8) 9x13 pans (Not sure on this as I usually see people have leftover cake.)
Maybe a candy like M&Ms in smaller paper soufflé cups- ?

Tea – 10 gallons
Lemonade – 10 gallons
Water – 5 gallons

Here are my prep and serving thoughts:

Prepare many dips ahead and freeze in foil pans. (Which ones would freeze the best?) Thaw before event, then warm dips in oven. Place on a rectangular electric food warmer tray for serving. Serve hummus room temp and Ranch dip cold. Does this plan sound good?

Should I have soufflé cups for dips, and if so, what size? I will get forks, but what about knives/spoons?

Thank you!

This is a fairly challenging estimate, so II am going to do for 200. IT WILL TAKE A COUPLE OF DAYS.
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