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Wedding for 150
Hi! I’m helping a friend with their wedding. The wedding is at 5:30. Do We have enough to feed 150 guest?
30 lbs spiral ham
50 lbs shrimp (larger to medium size)
15 lbs grits
6 large cans green beans
6 large cans corn
40 lbs potatoes for potato salad
6 large rectangular chafer pans Mac/cheese
15 lbs rolls
10 gallons sweet tea
8 gallons unsweetened tea
10 gallons lemonade
Thank you so much for your help!
This is very close. Good work!

30 lbs spiral ham- OK, might go 40
50 lbs shrimp (larger to medium size)- OK
If cold, do not forget cocktail sauce, 1 cup per 5-6 people
15 lbs grits- if dry weight, OK
6 large cans green beans, OK
6 large cans corn, OK
40 lbs potatoes for potato salad, OK
6 large rectangular chafer pans Mac/cheese, OK, non left
15 lbs rolls, 18 pounds
Butter, add 8 pounds butter
10 gallons sweet tea, OK
8 gallons unsweetened tea, OK
10 gallons lemonade, OK
Consider adding either green or fruit salad, use the tables to estimate
Consider adding 8-10 chickens, baked or fried, esp if you do not increase the ham

3 serving lines or 2 double sided lines
Don't forget your ice.

Thank you so much for your help!
Do you have a good recipe for shrimp and grits to feed 150 guests? Guest do not like tomatoes in it.
Yes, Charleston style. Will post tomorrow. In the meantime, figure out how you are going to run 3 electric roasters on 3 different electric circuits to prep on day of. Grits don't reheat.
Basic Grits:
65 cups, about 100 servings

4 gallons water
2 ounces (3 tablespoons) salt
1/2 cup butter
4 pounds 8 ounces (3 quarts) grits
2 cups (1 pound) butter to garnish

Bring water, salt and 1/2 cup butter to a boil. Stir in the grits in a stream, stirring constantly. Bring back to a boil while stirring, then turn to a simmer and cook 25-30 minutes until tender. If it thickens too quickly, add a bit more water.

Note: Quick Grits only take 5-8 minutes
Can use 1/2 real cream for part of the water

Variation: Cheese grits
Use the cream
Beat in enough butter to get a smooth texture with a bit of gloss.
When all mixed, add 2 1/2 pounds shredded cheese. Use a sharp cheese- white cheddar is lovely, yellow is fine, too.
Couple of teaspoons of ground pepper OR 3/4 cup minced garlic or minced pickled jalapeno peppers

Hold 40 minutes in a baking pan at 300

Hi! Thank you so much for your help! Do you have a recipe for shrimp and grits for 150? No tomatoes.
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