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Cook Talk

Wedding planning, 100
Planning wedding for 100. All cooking will be done in advance and brought to the venue the night before. We have staff to heat/put out food/refill/clean etc. Reception is 4pm to late (at least 10p, probably longer). Loosely Mediterranean/Middle Eastern theme.

Having difficulty with figuring out amounts, doe this look right?

6lbs cheese
6 lbs cured meats
6 lbs crackers
5-10 lbs fruit (some dried some fresh)
6-8lbs veggies
Couple huge cans dolmas (70 oz each. I have 4 right now)
2-3 quarts dip each (hummus, muhammara, herbed tahina)
3 lbs olives
Jar of mustard, honey, and jam (how big each?)

Cold side- Korean carrot salad 2 gallons- how much in lbs?
Cold side- fall kale salad 2 gallons- how much in lbs?
Chicken breast (boneless, skinless) (45lbs)
Butternut squash lasagne (vegan) (5 half pans)
*these are both for 100 servings, should it be less since some will just have one and others will have both?

Hot side- Balkan beans (8lb dried)
Hot side- something neutral like potatoes or rice? IDK if we need, some people like bland stuff. OR another vegetable.

We have someone making cake and we will have smores too for dessert.

6-8gal lemonade/etc (do we need this much if alcoholic beverages too? There will be a few non-drinkers and a few kids)
16 gallons wine (a lot, but it's what we made ourselves. red, white, rose)
24 cases beer
6 bottles champagne and some bottles mead for toasting

How much water? I have an 11 gallon cooler/dispenser I was thinking to use (can be refilled)

Thank you and I've made a donation to the site.

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