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Clarification of Quantities
I'm planning a large party of 100-150 people. I have read most of the Big Pots section. I'm slightly confused on how to account for multiple main entrees. This is a 5PM buffet in early October.

At this point my plan is
Vegetable Trays
Cheese and Crackers Tray (8lbs of cheese)

Garden Salad with several Salad dressings
Pasta Salad
15lbs between the two

Spiral Sliced Ham (2-19lb Spiral Sliced Hams)Roast Turkey with Gravy (7-5lb boneless turkey breasts)

Baked Ziti (4 Deep Full Steam Tray pans)

Baked Potatoes with Butter and Sour cream (60lbs)
Scalloped Potatoes (2 Deep Full Steam Tray Pans)
Stuffing (4 Deep Full Steam Tray Pans)

Green beans (5 gal)

Rolls (9 doz.)

However, I'm not sure if this is too much food? Or not enough?

When serving 2 entrees of equal desirability- I make 60% of the amount of each that I would make if doing only one. Yes that is 120%. People tend to eat more and some of each on buffet. If it is beef and chicken, I aim for 5 ounces cooked ready to eat beef and 3 ounces cooked chicken per person.

You have too many potatoes- 35 pounds is plenty for 100 people, and you have about triple. Also that is a LOT of ziti with two full meat entrees.

Thank you so very much for your help as well as for the all quality information availible on your site.

So my best Quantities would be:

1-18lb boneless sliced ham (30*0.6=18)
4-5lb Boneless Turket Breast (25*0.6=15lb +5lb extra for leftovers)

2 Full Steam Trays of Pasta
35lbs-Baked Potato
Should I reduce the stuffing to 2 full trays as well?

Hi, yes, I would reduce the stuffing, also. I think you meant 20 pounds total of turkey there?

If you are also serving the scalloped potatoes, they are often preferred and you could probably do fine with as little as 20 pounds of baked potatoes. I have an info page on baked potato bars. Or you could do baked sweet potatoes instead- nice with this meal- or skip entirely and go with just the scalloped and the stuffing- you also have pasta salad and people don't eat as much carbs as they used to.

Cross check the salad amounts on the salad section ofthe plan for 100 page. Since you have only one other veg, you want the full amount of green salad for 100.

You might also do fine with 4 gallons of green beans- I particularly like my recipe for green bean casserole for 60 in the big pots section- tatstes great- holds on the buffet table- you would make 2 recipes.

Menu for 80-100 people is baked ziti, sausage and peppers, meatballs in tomato sauce, baked canned ham, potato salad, salad and rolls. What quantity do I need for each item?
Linda, use the plan for 100 pages for your amounts. For the three meats (sausage, meatballs, ham), make 40 servings of each.
I have a recipe from cruise ship I need reduced for family. Can someone help me?

Semi sweet choc- 70lb
butter- 70lb
eggs 700
sugar 18lb
flour 25lb

I would like new recipe for 10...thanks

This "melting chocolate cake or chocolate mousse recipe has already been posted. See the end of the "Breaking Down Large Recipes" thread:

Lorraine Miller
Side Dishes for meat loaf
Good side dishesto accompany meatloaf?
Traditional- baked or mashed potaoes or scalloped poraroes. I also leke baked sweet potaoes. I loke to serve two veggies, brouiled tomato halves with a sprinkle of bread crumbs and cheese, and eitoccole or green beans. I may do squash casserole or broccolli casserole with a plain potato.

Since the oven is on anyway, I like to do a cobbler for dessert.

I am going to do a Christmas Party for 150 people with dressing. How many turkeys should I buy and fix and how much dressing. I know you someone said 7-5lb. boneless turkey breast. I was wondering with the bone. Thank you for you help in advance.
Penny, is the turkey being served sliced with dressing and gravy on the side, or is it as dishes of baked dressing with the chicken or turkey baked right in? It affects quantities.
s. gagne'
Could you tell me how much pasta, and all ingred. cheeses,eggs,hamberger,sauce and spices I will need to prepare baked ziti for 100 people!!!


Check the sausage and mozzarella bake on the sraghetti/lotsa pasta page, use 1/2 the amounts as a quantity guide for your rexipe.
I may consider catering a wedding. There are 90 people invited and they will have one entree two vegetables, bread and dessert. My concern is that there is only one pork tenderloin meat being served and it's suppose to be buffet-style, how much to you suggest I serve per person? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A buffet style dinner for 150 people could you tell me how many turkeys and boneless ham would I need to purchase.
Katherine, I missed this post. You need to talk wuth them; some people do not eat meat at all and others do not eat pork; there needs to ne a second choice, This could be a cheesy starch dish with pasta potatoes or rice that could act as a second entree.

For meat, see the plan for 100 list. Since it is sbuffet, you can use the amount for 100- people eat more when they serve themselves. Pork loin tends to dry out when held, be sure the dish has a sauce or gravy in the pan.

Peggy, see the article in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots on planning and shopping for large holiday dinners, all your questions are covered. If you want to post your estimates, I will check them for you.

Kathey Pavelka
How many onions do I need for about 175 hambugers? I want to use thin slices.
See the condiments section at the end of the sandwich quantity table here:

We are planning a wedding and are expecting about 200 people. We have the meals picked but are unsure on the amounts of each ingredient needed. We are doing a penne pasta shreeded chicken dish, and a baked ziti dish. How much chicken and penne pasta will we need? How much ziti will we need? We are going to have bruschetta with a pesto sauce and tomatoes on top.How many loafs of bruschetta should we get? We are also curious as to how many pounds of veggies we need and the amount of dip. How many pounds of fruit are needed for a chocloate fountain to serve that amount of people? Thank you for your suggestions and advice! =)
Ashley, since I posted all my tables in 2004, I ask my readers to make their own initial estimates, post them, and I will review and comment. For example, take a look at the spaghetti/ lotsa pasta page; it tells you 12 pounds of bread per 100; 10-12 pounds dry pasta per 100; there is a whole article on amounts of veggies and dips on the veggie tray page, and an entire article on chocolate fountains and why I DO NOT recommend them for weddings.
Thank you very much for your direction! I had a little navigating but I got there! Your site has taken a big burden off of our shoulders with trying to figure out estimates and numbers! Thank you again! =)
I am catering a weeding for 100 people. The menu is: Turkey, Mashed potatoes.corn, green beans,rolls. Should I fix some kind of salad? I have 70 lbs of turkey
12 dozen rolls
30 lbs potatoes
1 gal corn
2 gal. green beans
Is that enough. I need to know asap please. I have to do this Saturday
Thank you
Debbie, first the disclaimer, this is a site for home cooks, because I cannot take responsibility for professional planning. for pros, I recommend That said, I would tell a home cook that you do not have enough food. You need 3 gallons of each vegetable, especially the corn. The turkey is not a lot; I usually allow 1 pound per person for party size zervings for buffet service. Please see the shooping/ planning article under the holiday cooking section at the top of the big pots page for lots more help.
Ellen, I'm not a professional at all. I am a home cook.I got ask to do this wedding dinner (for a 100 people)for my daughters friend. I got
80 lbs. turkey.
2 #10 cans corn
4 #10 cans green beans
40 lbs potatoes
15 dz rolls
We will be serving the food. It will not be buffet style. What do you think. Thanks so much for your help.
OK. Of course the rolls go on the tables. Real butter, please. You are OK on the turkey if you are slicing and serving. You probably still need 1-2 more corns- 1 can is just barely 2 1/2 cup servings. Don't forget the gravy and cranberry!
Hello Ellen,
I have been elected as president of the high school booster club. One of our fundraiser is a turkey and oyster supper. This year we are going with ham and oysters. My question is ,we are serving sweet potatoes, baked apples. how many pounds of ham, sweet pot. (canned, or fresh) and how many #10 cans of apples, for a supper that could have as many as 300 people attending? I would appreciate any help you can offer
Because about 3/4 of the oyster beds are hurricanely devastated, this will be a VERY expensive dinner; you might consider going with shrimp.

If I were doing canned apples, I would do an apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. A #10 can holds about 24-25 1/2 cup servings, as I tried to type just above.

You need about 32 pounds of edible potato per 100 people. You need at least 5 ounces thin sliced ready to eat ham per person, see the plan for 100 tables for raw weights, with more added if it is self serve.

Please read the wedding dinner article and the food safety articles on site, and loo at the links. Presell as many tickets as possible; you WILL run out if you try to guess amounts.

If you look at the articles in the holiday cooking section, such as planning and shopping for large turkey dinners at the top of big pots, it will give you more ideas.

We am planning a Christmas dinner at our church. The meal will be served buffet style for 100 people. We are thinking about having turkey, spiral cut ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cabbage rolls and perogies with jellied salads and dinner rolls. We are unsure of the quantity of each we would require. Can you help us out. Thanks
I have written you whole series of articles about large turkey/ham dinners that will probably answer all your questions; see the holiday cooking section at the top of the Big Pots index page. If you want to post your shopping list when you have made it, I will be glad to check it for you.
I am serving about 200 people, at 10:30 am some "light refreshments". We are serving assorted pastries, mixed nuts, and some platters of fresh fruit, such as pineapple, grapes, and melons (plus punch, coffee, and tea). How many pounds of fruit would you recommend for a group of men, women, and children of this size?
I would allow 4 ounces ready to eat fruit per person- see the fruit tray article for how much raw fruit you need for this.

For the sake of the diabetics and non-carb eaters in the crowd, I suggest a basket with 2-3 dozen hard-cooked eggs and a bunch of those little string cheese packets.

Hi, I am hosting a x-mass party for 46 people. Each side (scalloped potatoes and a wild rice) I am fixing for 25 servings. I have bought a 17 lb pound bone in ham and 16 lbs of tenderloin (butt and trimmed). How many lbs of green beans will I need? I am also doing roasted veg medley(parsnips, b.sprouts, carrots and rutabagas for a total of 9 1/2 lbs)
I will also have salad and apps. I will offer rolls for sandwhiches but I was only figuring on 30 since I do have kids in my total number and many of us will not have a roll. is this enough? please advise & thanks so much!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Nice menu. I would make scalloped potatoes from 15 pounds of raw potatoes- people LOVE scalloped potatoes, especially with ham and beef. I would make 12 pounds whole green beans- if you have any left, they are great marinated and chilled for salads and relish trays. If you have really good rolls, you will be surprised how many people will have one with some butter- I would do 1 per person unless I were very sure they were not wanted, especially if there are teens in the crowd Everything else sounds great.
Hi Ellen,
I need help.
We are planning a party for 60-65 people.
10-15 are children under 10.
We are having baked ziti, Chicken cutlets, Sausage & Pappers & roasted potatoes & eggplant parm as the main entrees. Also garden salad & bread.
For appetizers cheese & crackers, veggies & dip, chicken wings, cocktail meatballs, mini pizzas. Soda/juice & iced tea for drinks.
I need to know how much of each to plan.
Please help & email too if possible I don't know if I'll find my way back here.Thanks so much
So you count this as about 55 people.

The salads, breads, and beverages are already covered individually on the plan for 100 page and the beverage planning page.

There is a lengthy discussion on how to figure appetizer amounts on the appetizer planning page, but basically if it is just for an hour before dinner, you want 2 bites/pieces of each type per person.

Here is what I would do about the entrees:

baked ziti, & roasted potatoes
-assume most people will not take both. Plan 35 servings of each
eggplant parm
-27-30 servings
Chicken cutlets
-assume all the kids will eat these= 8 plus most adults will take some= total 30 servings
Sausage & Peppers
-30 servings

You have too many entrees for this small a party to make planning easy, as you must have enough extra that each person can get their first choice. With more people it would even out better, but you can't count on this in the smaller groups. These servings would allow seconds and buffet service.

I do not do full original estimates since posting all my tables. If you want to post your estimate, I will be glad to check it for you.

Thanks for the answers Ellen.
Can I just ask what you consider how many servings a standard 1/2 tray holds?
My daughter was saying 1lb of pasta for 10 people so 7 lbs of pasta for 70 people, but I think this is accurate if there were no other entrees. What is your opinion?
Hi, Florence,
Standard half trays come in 2 1/2, 4, and 6 inch depths, so the answer is, it depends. If you are ordering the trays already made, ask the caterer. If you are doing it yourself, remember that 1 serving of an entree starch is about 1-1 1/4 cup (ziti), while one serving of a side starch is about 1/2 to 3/4 cup (potatoes).

I discuss pasta serving sizes at length on the lotsa pasta/spaghetti page- I think you can get your answer there.

Hi Ellen,

I'm at a loss for balancing the quantities for our graduation party. I could have anywhere between 125-200 people throughout the course of the day. Here is what I have planned thus far. Any advice would be most welcome:)!

-20 lbs. of baked ziti
-chicken parmesan for 50
-eggplant parmesan for 50
-pulled pork--40 lb (before cooked)
-fruit salad
-chicken wings for 50

my plan was to have burgers and dogs on back up..also have the pizza ordering option.
Should I make more of something?


It looks to me like you will run out of things. If I were you, I would settle on a for sure number - 150? 170?- plan a menu that is in multiple pans so they can be heated or frozen depending on whether they are used. Also, is this mostly teens or a big family party- it changes what and how much gets eaten. But if you are really expecting at least 125, you need to get chicken wings for 125 (EVERYBODY eats those) and the casseroles for at least 80 each. You also don't say if this is 20 pounds dry pasta, which would be plenty, or 20 pounds already prepped in the pan, in which case it is not enough. And I would make sure at least 1 of the salads was heavy- pasta, potato, antipasto, etc.

You can put frozen pizzas in the freezer and bake yourself for a FRACTION of the cost of ordering out.

Write back with more information.

frances G.
Hi ellen,

my wedding is a week away. We will be catering our event for 200 people. I need to know how much food I need to buy. Below is the Menu we will be serving.

-Baked Chichen Breast
-White Steamed Rice
-Mixed Vegatables

Thank You

Frances, a meal this size needs 3 people in the kitchen (not bride or mom) and about 12 people to set up, serve, and cleanup. Do you have this help? If not you need to order at least some of the food catered.

All the items are covered specifically in the plan for 100 tables, you just need twice the amounts for 100.

Hi, I am serving anywhere from 65 - 80 people, with probably 15 children under 10, for a graduation party, we are having sausage & peppers, ziti, meatballs in sauce, chicken fingers, potato salad & macaroni salad. Would two full trays of each be enough, and how much potato & macaroni salad? Should I have small dinner rolls also?
Unsure what size trays, caterers use a full tray that varies from 2 1/2 to 6 inches deep and the amount they hold thus varies widely.
If you are purchasing already prepared, the maker will specify servings per tray, I would get at least 30 each for sausage & peppers, meatballs in sauce. 50 for the ziti, as nearly everyone will take some. About 100 chicken fingers. 3 gallons potato salad and 2 1/2 pasta salad- this is easy to make ahead and refrigerate, you could do it yourself, in which case, 20-25 pounds of potatoes and 4 pounds dry pasta. This menu cries out for garlic bread, not rolls- 8-10 pounds.
We're planning a wedding for 90 people (10 are children) in 1 1/2 weeks. Our menu is turkey, meatballs, baked potatoes, corn, toss salad, pasta salad, and dinner rolls. Dessert is two chocolate fountains with fresh fruit and sponge cake. Evening lunch is cold cuts, cheese, pickels, and bread. How much of everything do we need.
Sorry Ellen, I forgot to mention we're also making veggie trays with supper.
Kathleen, most of these foods are covered in the plan for 100 lists and related, such as the beverage planning page and the sandwich event page. I don't do the initial estimates since I posted all this information; you need to make a first estimate based on the lists and post it, and then I can respond.
Here's what I was thinking Ellen. I would need 5 turkeys (not stuffed), and about 30 lbs of hamburger for the meatballs. Will this be enough meat for 90 people (10 are children)?
Hey Ellen. Can you clarify for me if I have enough meat or too much for 90 people (10 are children). 5 turkeys not stuffed and 30 lbs of hamburger for meatballs. Our event is next week. Thanks.
Probably too much. 30 pounds burger for meatballs would be enough by itself. 3/4 to 1 pound whole turkey per person would be enough by itself. I would probably make no more than 45-50 pounds turkey and 20 pounds meatballs.
Thanks for your help Ellen.
how much cheese as an appetizer for 80 people
I am doing my daughters wedding. I am guessing about 75-80 people, as some have not RSVP. I am having spiral ham (Bone in 40lb?) or (Bone out 25lbs?) Green beans, parsley potatoes (I figured 3-10# cans each?) Rigs and meatballs (Roaster full)...and salad, not sure how much I need of it. The appetizer table has 6 lbs of candied keilbasa, chips crackers, cookies, and much cheese would I need? I bought 10= 8 oz. so far.
You will probably have enough but not a bit too much- if you think there might be more people, you might want to add one more dish, maybe a marinated salad like a 3-4-5 bean salad? Or a hot bean dish? Or a great fruit tray, see the article, do 3 times the amount for 25.

For the salad, check out the top section of the plan for 100 table. Very exact amounts for 100. Cheese,I allow at least 10 pounds per 100 as part of a mixed table, up to 20 if it is the main event. You will probably run out of kielbasa. Straight pretzels make good edible toothpicks.

Hello~ what a great site! I am hosting a casual meal for about 70 people. We have 3 6-foot subs, chips, two fruit trays, trail mix and brownies for dessert. I want to do some kind of salad with it, maybe potato salad?? We're trying to keep the cost down. How many pounds of potatoes would I need? Would some kind of other salad be better? Thank you!!
Since this is just enough sandwich, no extra, I might offer TWO side salads; pasta (because it is easier than potato) and slaw or Greek. These can be made ahead and are not expensive; the slaw was under $10 the last time I checked, if you shredded the cabbage yourself. Use the recipes for 100 and make 2/3 of each.
I need to make a "trail mix" for about 120 goodie bags...If I use mini pretzels, candy corn, M & M's, popcorn, cheez its & reese's pieces...could you tell about how much I would need of each item or how to go about figuring a ratio of each,....thanks
Take your recipe, weigh it, and then multiply to make 12 pounds per 100 people, or about 15 pounds for this group.
glazed sweet potatoes
how many # 10 cans of sweet potatoes do I need for 125 people?
glazed sweet potatoes
how many # 10 cans of sweet potatoes do I need for 125 people?
Each holds, 12 1/2 cups, so it depends on your serving size. It is 16 to 24 servings
I sent a question 12/14/09 and dont know where to find the answer.
Amy, the answer is on whatever thread you posted the question on. If you don't remember, click on start a new thread at the top of the main cook talk table and start a new thread.
Hi wondering what the rule of thumb is for chicken to feed 8-10 people comfortably
If serving halves, 1 per person. Quarters, 1 per person plus 2 extra per each 10. If serving roast chickens, 1 pound raw per person. Skinless boneless, 1/2 pound raw per person.
Serving Chinese food for sweet 16 party. Approximately 60 teens and 30 adults. Getting 50 eggrolls and cutting in half. How much fried rice, lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, general tso's chicken, and probably one other main dish should I order?
This counts as about 110 people- teens eat more.

I would get at least 100 egg rolls- 150 would not be too many- and cut in half. They are very popular.

You need about 7 gallons each of the rice and noodles, but I would probably do 5 fried rice and 3 steamed.

6 gallons each of the 2 meats and at least 6 of one non-chicken with heavy vegetables. A traditional Chinese dinner would offer 4 entrees, about 5 of each.

Serve iced tea and offer hot tea.

Get at least 200 fortune cookies.

sandy peterson
We are having 50th annniversary party in 10 days for my sister and brother in law, all adult people. We are having some things catered but we are taking care of the Rigatoni, Green Beans, Stuffed Cabbage and salad. Can you give us an idea how much rigatoni to fix (lbs. of pasta and gallons of sauce to make) how many 6lb. cans of green beans, lbs. of salad and how many loaves of french bread to get. Thanks in advance!
Sandy, how many people, time of day and length of the party and is alcohol going to be served? Also, what is the rest of the menu? All affect the amounts. Please write back.
We are hosting a fundraising dinner for 800 people and I am responsible for the salad. How many pounds of Garden Salad Mix and Gallons of Dressing should I have on hand? I am thinking 6 gallons of dressing and 150 pounds of Garden Salad mix.
Sorry - you may need a few more details. It is a spaghetti dinner... Buffet dinner will include salad, spaghetti, bread and dessert. There will be both adults and children in attendance.
This is what I use for 100 people for this type spaghetti dinner:

10-11 pounds salad mix
36 ounces Ranch salad dressing (half lo cal)
36 ounces French salad dressing (or local favorite)
36 ounces Italian salad dressing
pint bottle each olive oil and wine vinegar

If the budget permits, a couple of pints of grape or cherry tomatoes and a pound or two of shredded carrots pretties it up. You might consider substituting mini carrots for some of the salad- kids like them much better.

I am doing a banquet of roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots. I figure 50 lbs of potatoes, 25 lbs of carrots, 7 kg of peas and 50 lbs of roast beef. Do you think this is enough for 120 people??
If it is a self service buffet, you will probably be a little short of everything except potatoes. The other quantities are more what I would allow for 100. If you are serving the plates in the kitchen and passing them, you could be fine, as long as the meat was lean and boneless to start, and you slow roast to reduce shrinkage and slice carefully.
For a self service buffet for 100-120 people for a wedding. Can you please tell me the quantities I will need and any other food sugguestions.
baked ziti
Penne alla vodka
Chicken Parm
boneless sliced ham
Roasted Potatoes
Carrots tossed in butter, honey
Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
Ceasar Salad
Hi, Cathy, quite a few of these foods (potatoes, veggies, salad, rolls) are already covered in the plan for 100 pages and the other tables You can make your own estimates, then if you want some feedback, post it and I will be happy to go over it for you. For the rest, you need to tell me some additional info:

is the baked ziti with meat and cheese, entree style, or a side dish?
Are you devoted to the penne with vodka? With the potatoes and the ziti it is not necessary, and I would be inclined to sub an antipasto veggie platter or an additional vegetable dish

For the meat combo, you would allow 1 piece of chicken (4-6 ounce raw) per person PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat ham per person.

The Baked Ziiti is cheese only, I'm not devoted to the penne but wanted to give the bride the option. We may also do roast beef instead of the ham. What do you sugguest to use as a roast and how much would I need and how long should I cook it for? I'd like something I could do the day before, slice and then reheat the day of. In regards to the antipasto what would that include.
OK, so the ziti is basically a side dish, vegetarian entree. At most 10 pounds dry pasta.

See this page for the antipasto veggie recipe and other ideas:

Ham costs less and shrinks less than beef. For pot roast style roast I like chuck/ shoulder roast. Classic for weddings; prime rib.

Cheryl Gunderson
Our church is doing a baked potato bar...and I am going to plan for 150-200 people. I plan on doing several different toppings, so when looking at your quantities, do I cut back if we are doing several (example: Do I want 6 gallon of chili and 24 lbs. of chopped frozen broccoli since I am doing both?)? Do I want 2 cups of dehydrated chives? Want to make sure there is plenty...but not tons of left-overs!
For the toppings, most people load their potatoes, so I think of the toppings in groups. For example, proteins; if you had chili and bbq and stroganoff and diced ham, you would not want 6 gallons of chili, but if it is the only meat, you would, since most people will take a meat. Then veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, etc), most people take 2, then sprinkles (chives, green onions, bacon bits, etc,) most people take 1. Almost everyone takes butter and shredded cheese, about 3/4 take sour cream. If you say 150-200 you have to plan for 200, so try to get your numbers more precise.
First I want to say your site is a life saver. THANK YOU! I am planning a graduation party of approx 60-70 (some being children). Can you double check my quantities?

ceaser salad - 10 heads romaine
baked ziti - 6 half trays (approx 9x11)
meatballs - 8lbs meat
italian beef - i am ordering this from a bistro. i am asking for the meat for 25 sandwiches but am cutting the rolls in 1/3.

I am doing this buffet style with people serving the food. I am also putting baskets of bread with crushed garlic and olive oil on the tables.
I had also thought about doing a penne with spicy vodka sauce. Would you recommend 2 varieties of pasta and also should i do a vegetable?
I have never cooked for this many before and am a bit nervous.
Thank you again for your help

I would do one pasta and add a great veggie. Maybe also a relish tray on the table - the relish tray for 60 at the top of the veggie tray pager, divided up, would be about the right amount.

I would double the meatballs, if they are small, as most people will take a few even with the other dishes.

Other than that, this looks good.

Thanks for those suggestions. I am going to add the vegetable and a relish tray. I no doubt will have friends offer to bring something and was planning to have them help with dessert but if there would be one more hot dish what would you suggest i add? another starch or perhaps another meat? a friend suggested check marsala in keeping with our italian theme but not sure how it would hold up being there is no stove and would be in a chafer for several hours. thanks again for your help. gives me the confidence to plan a perfect party for my daughter.
oh also forgot to add that i am going to increase the meatballs as suggested. was also thinking of adding some italian sausage cut in 1/3's to increase the meat without adding alot more work.
Yes, that is a nice, easy idea about the sausages- you could sizzle up some tri-color peppers and red and white onions- I might just go with 10 pounds of meatballs and 10 pounds of sausage (plus another 10 pounds of peppers and onions)...

Since I am sure you plan a cake, you might ask for antipasto trays or nice dips like spinach Parmesan or artichoke from helpful guests.

great idea! and thanks so much for your quick response
We are having a Birthday bash for 82 guests Sat. with 3 servers to guests buffet style.The meal will follow a cocktail hour with about 5 differen types of hot appetizers (how many appetizers should we figure per person). We will also have a veggie dip platter and spinach dip with pita chips in the room as well.
100 dinner rolls
10-11 lbs of salid mix (adding romano cheese, walnutscranberries and dressing)
4 9x11 cheese ziti- how long to reheat?
4 9x11 eggplant parmesan -how long to reheat?
4 9x11 chiken marsala-ordering out
4 9x11 sausage & peppers-ordering out
4-9x11 blueberry-pineapple(w/cream cheese/sour cream topping). Is this too much too little or just right. Cake any coffee to follow! Thanks
You will have a bit of a crunch with the oven space- you might consider borrowing some roasters to augment.

If this is self serve, unless this is all senior citizens, you will probably run out of chicken Parm, ziti, and eggplant. Even cutting small, that is only 40 servings of each, and almost everyone will take some of both these in addition to a little sausage. I would probably do 6 chicken and eggplant, up to 8 ziti, if it is the only starchy side dish on table.

2 bites of each appetizer per person would be plenty You could go with 1 1/2 for the less desirable.

Yikes! Running out would be our nightmare. We are having 3 servers so it isn't self serve. We will increase as suggested! Some seniors but lots that are not so glad we asked! Thanks! There is also a convection oven which we plan to use at the facility!
Hope this is close for you.
Hi again,
I posted above a couple months ago. Thanks again for your help. the party is now right around the corner and I have forgotten to double check how many lbs of pasta per aluminum half tray. I am assuming 2lbs of pasta per tray???
Here is my menu

ceaser salad - 10 heads romaine
baked ziti - 4 half trays
penne w/spicy vodka sauce,chicken,sundried tomatoes -2 half trays
meatballs -10lbs
sausage w/peppers and onions- 8lbs meat
chicago style italian beef for sandwiches- i am ordering this from a bistro. -7lbs of meat & the rolls will be cut in 1/3.
garlic bread
veggie tray
(not a self-service buffet)
60-70 guests some being children.


The thing you will run out of is the beef, you need to plan for at least 16 pounds. Everything else looks OK, I think; you need about 8 9x13= 4 half trays pasta, so you will have some left.
Thank you. One last question..How many lbs of pasta are in a half tray?
I have no idea, but would guess about 2 1/2 pounds dry...
Hi Ellen. I've learned so much from your site already. I am throwing a Jack n' Jill party for my daughter in 2 weeks and expect 100+ people. Tentative menu is baked chicken thighs, baked ziti (no meat), roasted potatoes w/peppers and italian sausage, chili, rolls and tossed salad. I have no idea how much of each to make... Do you have a easy bulk chicken recipe you could recommend? Starting to think I bit off more than I could chew here. yikes.
An 8 pound bag of thighs has about 18 pieces, I recommend 60 pounds or so per 100 as a single entree. Since you are serving other meats, just make sure you have 1 piece per person. Just season them up and roast them in a single layer and serve hot. You want about 25 pounds of potatoes and 8-10 pounds dry pasta for the ziti (depends on pasta vs potatoes in your region). Maybe 4 gallons of chili, see the chili page. Salad and rolls are covered on the plan for 100 page, beverages on the beverage planning page, desserts on the dessert buffet page, or maybe you would like the ice cream sundae setup?
You need about 3 peoiple cooking and 4 serving day of. It takes 2 regular kitchens and about 3 kitchens' worth of cold storage to do a party this size.
I am actually planning on doing this all myself... I have 2 kitchens to store the food, and the hall where the party is has kitchen for reheating chili, ziti and potatoes which I plan to make the day before - chicken I can cook there that day, right? I have 4 hrs. of kitchen use at the hall before event starts - and my mother's house/kitchen is a mile away and she has two ovens. Am I way off as far as what I think I can do here? argh. Going to have buffet style w/chafing trays.
I would not attempt it without 3 cooks, including me, and I am one of the fastest cooks I know. You will also need to press others (husbands? older teens?) into service for setup, transport service and cleanup.
I will have plenty of help with transport, setup and cleanup. It's just he cooking that I will be doing myself. I am assuming I can cook everything 1-2 days beforehand, except for the chicken, right? I've decided on baked chicken, veggie lasagna, sausage and peppers, potato salad, tossed salad, and rolls. Can't I just reheat the lasagna and sausage/peppers at the hall and put in chafing dishes? Then cook the chicken at the hall and put in chafing dish. I am going to purchase already made potato salad, other people are bringing tossed salads, and I'm buying 9 dozen rolls. Do you think I can do this? I am really freaking out now.
Suzanne, it sounds like you have made up your mind. Yes, you can do many things ahead, but for example, you can assemble the lasagna ahead, but it really needs to be cooked just before serving- it does not reheat well.
I am cooking dinner for a church event for 150 people. How many pounds of per made mash potato will I need. How many pounds of salad, Spiral ham and cans of green beans.
Shelia, all these items are covered specifically on the plan for 100 lists, you would use 1 1/2 times the amount for 100. 35 pounds of raw potatoes makes about 40 pounds of ready to eat,
i'm having 50 guests for grad party. how many trays (full or 1/2) should i serve to cover everyone?
Hi,I'm having a party for 75 people from 2-6pm next Sunday. Im planning to serve at 4pm outside by pool. I thought fajitas - both steak & chicken with onion, peppers, sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole. I've read your site, could you confirm quantities and suggest an accompaniment or side dish. Other than fajitas & chips and salsa. Maybe a 7 layer bean dip? What else? It will be 90 degrees that day. Cake for dessert is being provided by others.
30 lbs red meat
18 lbs boneless chicken
30 lbs peppers- red, yellow, green
18 lbs onions
3-6 lbs sour cream
7 lbs pico de gallo
3 lbs cheese
10 lbs avocado
225 tortillas
Bottles of tabasco - 3-4?
Just thought due to the time of day and the hot temperature - I should keep it simple and light. Not looking for tons of leftovers. Thanks so much!
Good work. You have plenty of meat, onions, etc.
Up the cheese to 1 pound per 8 people, just don't open it all till you see how it goes- it freezes fine. Go high on the sour cream.
The Kung Fu Gazpacho on this site or another good recipe would be a brilliant addition and can be made 3-4 days ahead.
A corn and black bean salsa or a mango and red pepper salsa would be lovely and would be eaten like a salad.
Fruit trays are the other cool alternative.
The seven layer bean dip is also a very good idea, and would cut down a little on the amount of meat eaten.
Be sure you marinate the meat and that it has some lime juice in the marinade. See the discussion titled "all about fajitas" on cook talk.
Hi Ellen,

I am pretty sure I posted somewhere in the forum a bit ago, but have been unable to find it.

I am catering an event for 125 buffet style. I will be serving two hearty dishes. Jollof rice and Mafe along with a mixed salad and rolls.

My estimate is 52# of boneless skinless chicken thighs in the Mafe (thick soup/stew style)along with sweet potatoes and various other vegetables. I am also thinking of cutting the pieces in half. Do you think that is a proper amount?

Also, I am making a portion of the Mafe without peanut butter (for possible allergic people). How many pans should I make peanut free? I assume most people will be eating the regular dish more.

Thank you, your site has been more than helpful for many of us out here!


Thanks so much. I'm not certain about gazpacho for this group, but excellent idea! It's a Special Olympics party for our daughter's friends and families so I have to plan accordingly.
I'm going to check out your other salsa ideas. Mango and red pepper sounds fun. Both do & in a smaller accent quantity like 2 gallons?
I'm doing some version of 7 layer bean dip in two large platters with serving spoons. Also adding nuts and m&m's for fun. Read your watermelon section suggesting 1 lb per person and thinking of keeping them cooled and bringing them out for guests to cut themselves or I've heard pineapples are really sweet right now. Also, I'm sticking with your recommendation about marinating the meat for only 6 hours - not 24 hours. I've got a few gluten free guests but I am going with tenderloin or quality meat and I'm doing the marinade myself not from a fajita spice pack that may contain gluten. I still think it is too much food, but I would rather be OVER than UNDER. I'm lining up homeless shelters to take any leftovers. I will let you know how it all goes. But thanks again for your wisdom and time! Truly appreciated!!! You rock! Dona
Hi, Aimee,
that amount of meat looks about right for that many people, and it should be enough for both dishes, as there are so many other ingredients. I would make 1/10 peanut free, you can always have chopped peanuts on the side if peanut lovers have to eat some.

Hi, Dona, yes, both salsas would be very colorful. I would do about 10 cups each- that's 2 tablespoons per person of each.

Hoping you can double check my quantities to make sure I am not missing anything. Party is for 75 mixed ages with buffet style w/people serving the food.

baked ziti no meat 8 lbs pasta dry
penne with chicken 5 lbs pasta dry
meatballs 12 lbs of meat
sausage 8 lbs
10 rotisserrie chickens cut into 10 pcs
roasted potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic
ceaser salad 8-10heads romaine
8 loaves rustic garlic bread

appetizers: veggie tray, cheese tray, antipasto tray, dips

desssert: cake, cookies, brownies

thanks for your help and any advice you can offer.

Unless they are very heavy pasta eaters, 6 pounds dry for the ziti is probably plenty, and with the penne, you may have some of each left.

8 chickens plenty with the other meats. Salad plenty, bread plenty unless they are very heavy bread eaters.

veggie tray, cheese tray, antipasto tray, dips; get help for these on the veggie tray page, cheese and wine page or appetizer planning page, and there is an antipasto tray on site with advice on amounts.

cake, cookies, brownies; see the dessert planning page. Cut small pieces, allow 1 small piece of cake plus 1 brownie plus 1 of each type small cookie per person, up to 4 pieces.

Consider adding 1 cooked veggie, could be cold marinated for summer, about 14 pounds.

Super. Thank you for reviewing my menu. I appreciate your suggestions.
please tell me how many lbs of cheese cubes and cut up melons for 60-70 people.


It depends on whether these are stand alone, part of an appetizer table, or the nibbles before a meal. Write back with more info after checking the appetizer planning page and the fruit tray page and I will try to help.
Hi Ellen,
We're having a church function in September and having Roast Beef (Top of the Round)and Roast Turkey for 150 people.(buffet style)

Would 45lbs of Beef and 2- 25lb Turkey's be enough?
Thanks for your reply!

It's enough turkey. If they are heavy beef preference, you may want to have somebody serve the beef and keep the portions controlled; cook low and slow to tenderize and reduce shrinkage. I would probably do about 60-65 pounds.
Hi Ellen
I posted this message elsewhere so if you get a duplicate ignore it. I am overseeing the food for a wedding of 120 people, mixed adults, seniors and children no alcohol. It will be buffet style except the bride and groom and bridal party will be served, but it will be a 7 pm wedding with reception immediately following. It will be pot luck sort of but with a spcified menu and recipes. It is a southern theme wedding. I will gladly take any suggestions as to the menu. Please check my quantities.
Dinner rolls-10 dozen
Corn Muffins-8 dozen
Pickle Plate-6 lbs(mixture of pickled okra, olives and such
Spiral Ham bone in -50 lbs
scalloped potatoes au gratin-10-9x13 pans
Sweet potato casserole-8-9x13 pans
corn 4#10 cans
butter beans 4#10 cans
organic spring mix for tossed salad- 12 lbs
we will have sweet tea, coffee and punch which I figure 4 gallons of punch 2gal of tea
Do we need to have desserts besides the cake and groom's cake? I thought that zucchini bread with pecans and strawberry butter would compliment it nicely any suggestions?Thanks, Cheryl
Check your other post- I think it answers all the questions.
Hi I am helping my sister-in law throw a party for my brothers 40th birthday. I am serving Baked Ziti, Spanish yellow rice, greenbeans with garlic and oil, meatballs in a chili sauce, bbq chicken wings, Sausage and peppers, and bonless pork roast, and we are getting 2 6ft heros. dinner rolls as a tossed salad. How many pounds of each to do you suggest?
I'm sorry I did not mention we are having around 80 ppl.
This is a rather eclectic menu with a lot of choice, which means you will use more food. I assume it is over dinner time and about a 4 hour party?
First of all, the 2 heroes by themselves serve 40+ people. I would probably stick with 1 and cut the pieces small.

Baked Ziti, Spanish yellow rice, I would do 5 9x13 ziti (5 pounds dry)and 4 pounds dry rice

greenbeans with garlic and oil, 20 pounds green beans ready to cook

meatballs in a chili sauce, bbq chicken wings, Sausage and peppers, and boneless pork roast,
Here is where it gets tricky, because the sandwich will throw off the estimates. So, I a going to assume, 1 sandwich and that you don't mind some leftovers. This is what I would do:
1 pound meatballs per 5 PLUS 1 pound wings per 3 PLUS 1 pound sausage per 6 PLUS 1 pound raw boneless pork per 5

Thank you so much for you help ellen
Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer all these inquiries : )

I am planning my mom's 70th birthday party soon. I expect 130 ppl. We are catering the rice, chicken and pork. We would like to prepare the "side dishes". The side dishes consist of Potatoe salad, penne with vodka sauce, roasted sausages with peppers and onions and a green salad with cherry tomatoes and shredded carrot and homemade dressing. How much should we make to have enough side dishes to feed 130 ppl. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :)

If these are predominantly elders use the plan for 100 tables and just increase amounts 10%. Allow 1 pound of sausage and an equal weight of onions and peppers for each 5-6 people. You will probably have some left.
Diana Rivera
thank you for your reponse. The guests are mixed ages. Not many seniors. I was thinking of this:
Potatoe Salad - 35 lbs
3 dzn eggs for potatoe salad
Penne with vodka sauce - 10 lbs dried pasta
Vodka sauce 5 1/2 gallons
Salad - 12 lbs of pre-mix salad mix
Dressing 1 gallon of homemade dressing
Sausages and pepper with onions: 35 lbs
Onion and pepers for sausage dish: 35 lbs each of onions and peppers. Is this way off?
Because you have rice plus pasta plus potato salad, you need less of each. I would doonly 30 pounds potato salad, eggs OK, 8 pounds pasta, 6 cups sauce per pound=3 gallons, salad OK, 20 pounds sausage (you already have chicken and beef) and about 10 pounds each of sausage and peppers.
Hope this saves you some time and money.
Diana Rivera
Thank you SO MUCH!
I am catering a shower for 55 women, 12 of which are small children. I have antipasto misto, penne and tomatoe sauce, roast chicken, roast potatoe, hot veggie, greek pasta salad, green salad, friut tray and cheese and cut cuts, bread and desert. How should I calculate the portion size? Please let me know asap the shower is Sunday March 6,2011. Thanks
I would count this as straight 50, or 1/2 the amount for 100. All these foods are covered in the articles and tables. The only oddity is, you have a lot of starch. With penne, plus pasta salad, plus potatoes, I would do 4 9x13 penne, only 2 pounds of dry pasta for the pasta salad and only 10-12 pounds of potatoes- and you will still have some of one of them left over.
I am planning a wedding reception for 125 people. My menu is: Fried Chicken, Rigatoni, Buttered Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Rolls. How much would I need of each item?


Go to the plan for 100 tables and the spaghetti page, make 1 1/4 the amount for 100. Only change, cut chicken to 1.5 pieces per person, as not everyone will take chicken.
Hi, I'm having a party of 55 people. I'm serving meatballs, sausage and peppers, chicken cutlets, pesto with bow ties, baked ziti, mixed grilled veggies, and shrimp/scallops with rice. My question is, how much of each?
I'm planning on 275 meatballs, 15lbs of sausage, 16lbs of chicken, 7lbs of baked ziti, 3lb of pesto with bow ties, and I'm unsure of the quantity for the fish. I would like your recommendation for the quanitities I have listed above.

Thank you!

meatballs, 4 per person plenty
sausage and peppers, OK
chicken cutlets, OK
shrimp/scallops with rice. 3 shrimps and 2 scallops per person unless they are very small or very large

You will probably have leftovers, but when you do this many entrees for this small a group, you always do.

Marilyn Cahill
Can you comment on this menu for 100 people (middle school grad party)

Sloppy Joes - 20 lbs of ground beef
Mac & Cheese - 8 lbs. of dry pasta? 4 half pans or whole pans?
Chicken wings - no idea how many - I might order them from somewhere.
Vegetable platter with dip (I'll check quantities on your page)
Cheese & crackers (8 lbs of cheese?)
Sheet cake & cookies

Does this look complete, or should I add something? Do quantities look ok?

Hi, Marilyn,
Middle schoolers eat a bit lighter than aduklts or teens, so your numbers look fine. You want 3 to 6 wing pieces per person (they are about 10-12 to a pound).
You might swap out a fruit tray for the veggies- usually more popular with kids.
They aren't big cheese and crackers eaters (or is this for the grownups?) I would probably do chips (8 pounds) and dip or salsa- 6 to 8 quarts.

The sheet cake will serve 100 if you get a 2 layer sheet- only about 50 if single layer.

Thanks - maybe I'll add fruit - yes, a lot of the graduates are disabled, so they will be accompanied by parents. So, we need food for the adults.

My daughter (the graduate) wanted cheese & crackers - but maybe I'll do both! Thanks.

This weekend I am having my son's 6th birthday. I am having 55 adults and here is my buffet style meal. Please, please let me know if I have enough. My biggest fear is running out of food. Trays are 3" deep:

1 full tray roasted pork shoulder
1 full tray rice with pigeon peas
1 full tray of chicken enchilladas (16 enchilladas cut in thirds)
1/2 tray black beans in sauce
1 full tray of lasagna
1 full tray of eggplant parm
1/2 tray of meatballs
1/2 tray sausage & peppers
1 full tray green salad

The first course before the buffet will be half trays of cold salads: orzo and garbanzo salad, greek pasta salad, veggie in mayo salad, and antipasto platters and chips and salsa on each table. Please let me know what you think.

Lili, that is a very nice menu, but I am puzzled about the size of your trays because of the note that the full tray of enchiladas is 16 enchiladas. A steam table tray, 12x20, which usually serves 25, would hold many more than that. So what are the measurements of the trays, besides just the depth?
Ellen, I have been searching the internet for quantities. We are preparing the food for our daughter's wedding. The wedding is in February and we generally do not have the nicest weather so not expecting the full turn out. We would be serving anywhere from 350 to possibly 500. Again, not expecting the full amount because of weather and travel. Her menu is as follows: Pork (cooked, shredded and mixed with a gravy) served over mashed potatoes, boneless turkey roast with turkey gravey on the side, again served with mashed potatoes (mashed potatoes will be the side), dressing, corn and dinner rolls. Would you be able to tell me the quantities that I will be needing for the minimum and I should be able to figure out from there for the maximum. We want to purchase for somewhere in betweeen those numbers. Thanks for your help...a mom pulling out her hair in frustration with the The food will be served buffet style.
Julie, this is a much larger party for self catering than I would recommend for a less experienced crew; you are talking needing at least 6 cook and 30 servers for this size crowd.

Read the wedding dinner article. Look at the planning and shopping for a large community dinner article, and treat the pork like ham. If you want to post you estimates, I will be glad to look them over. I cannot stress strongly enough that this is too big a party to self cater if you do not regularly cook for at least 150-200.

You can't purchase for somewhere in between without risking running out of food, a disaster for this occasion. You have to plan for the max expected.

Here is an excerpt from an upcoming article, which you also need:

Before the Buffet; Why You May Need an Appetizer Table
A self-catered buffet is a real challenge to the organizers, and things don't always come together as smoothly as hoped. By planning and setting up an appetizer area or "nibble table" which is ready when the guests begin to arrive, the cooks and servers have time to complete the arrangement of the dinner buffet. This is especially critical if there are children among the guests, or there is a wait before dinner, as at a wedding reception.

This does not have to be complicated. Three items, including a fruit tray, a cheese tray and an attractive dip or spread, plus a punch, or two if one is alcoholic, are sufficient.

One appetizer service area is needed for each 100 guests.

Hi, Ellen.

I am a home cook that has cooked for many parties of 60-80 in the past. I've been asked to cook for a friend's wedding and they're planning for 175.

The menu is chicken parm with spaghetti, eye round roast with new potatoes, sauteed green beans, fried cheese sticks, tossed salad, rolls & butter.

Below are my calculations:
Chicken parm - 52 lbs
Spaghetti - 6 lbs
Roast - 35 lbs
Potatoes - 35 lbs
Green beans - 26 lbs
Salad - 20 lbs
Rolls - 225
Butter - 2.75 lbs

Does this sound right to you? Thanks so much for all your hard work on this site!

You did good! The only surprise for you is, everyone will take a little beef.I would not do less than 50 pounds, and would do 65 if the budget allows. I would probably also up the potatoes to 45 if you really expect 175, butter to 5 pounds.
I am planning an evening birthday party for 100 people at a hall. Food will be buffet. Can you help me with the quantities of each? Also, should I add any other dishes?

Antipasto, ziti and marinara sauce, chicken ziti and broccoli, chicken parmigian, eggplant parmigian, meatballs, sausage pepper and onion and rolls.
Thanks for your help.

This is what I might do:

Antipasto, see the antipasto platter on my appetizer page; but you have so many meats, you might do just the antipasto style marinated veggies or the artichoke olive condite.
ziti and marinara sauce, 8 pounds pasta
chicken ziti and broccoli, 6 pounds pasta
chicken parmigiano, - 1 pound chicken per 5
eggplant parmigiano, - about 6-8 9x13 pans
meatballs, 1 pound per 6

Consider adding a green salad.
sausage pepper and onion and 1 pound sausage per 6, equal weight veggies
rolls- 1 1/2 per person

I'm preparing a luncheon for a group ranging from 100-150 people. I have been asked to make:

Ziti with marinara sauce
Ziti with ground turkey
Turkey sausage with peppers and onions
garlic bread

This will be served buffet style and I'm not sure of how many pans of each dish I should prepare.

Hi, I'm doing a party for 80-100 people. The menue is: Sausage, Onions, and Peppers.
Chicken and Rice
Baked Chicken
Penne ala Vodka
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Green Salad

Could you help me with the quanities please.

Jackie, this is an odd menu selection, and too wide a number for the amount of it is quite difficult to do a quantity estimate.

Per person I would do:
1/2 potato
1/4 cup dry rice
2 pieces of chicken (one in each dish, approx)
2 ounces dried pasta (1 quart sauce per pound of dry pasta)
3 ounces of sausage with an equal weight of veggies

Salad per the plan for 100 table.

Monique, this is MUCH to broad a number of guests. Remember that if you run out of food, everyone blames the caterer, even if it is the hosts' fault.

Ziti with marinara sauce
Ziti with ground turkey
Total 12 pounds dry pasta per 100, 1 quart sauce per pound.
Turkey sausage with peppers and onions, 1 pound per 5 people, equal weight veggies
Meatballs, 1 pound per 5
Salad, use plan for 100 page
garlic bread, use plan for 100 page

Ellen: I'm having a Chinese birthday party for 16 adults between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on a Thursday evening. How do my quanities sound?

wonton soup (served to individuals at table)
16 egg rolls (served to indvls. at table)
16 large crab ragoons (served to indvls at table)

Purchased Pork Lo Mein (4 Quarts enough?)
Homemade Sweet & Sour Chicken (4 lbs chicken breaded with sauce, which includes pineapple chunks, peppers and cherries)

Homemade Sirloin Beef Stir Fry (4 lbs of sirloin with assorted vegetables to match quantity)

9 Cups Rice stir fried with eggs, 1 pounds ham and 1 chicken breast

Chocolate and White layer cake with chocolate ganache for dessert (birthday cake with Chinese writing).

Plum Wine and Saki
Hot Tea
Sodas and/or Iced Tea

How are my quanities, especially the lo mein? Thanks!

Forgot quantity for soup. Would 4 quarts of wonton soup with large pork wontons be enough--just small bowls being used so people don't get too full for entrees. Thanks, again!
Beaucoup plenty. You will have some leftovers.

I have researched many websites to get a clue as too how much to cook for a group of 120 people. Granted I do not have the final count yet but my intent is to serve 120 buffet style. Also, I'm ok with having a little left over. My biggest fear is not having enough.

My menu is as follows:

Fried chicken (breasts, legs, wings & thighs)
Swedish meatballs
Macaroni & Cheese
Roasted Potatoes
Green Bean Almondine
Toss Salad

12oz soda cans

Thanks for your help! :)

Fried chicken (breasts, legs, wings & thighs) 1 1/2 pieces per children
Swedish meatballs-1 pound per 4
Macaroni & Cheese- 1 pound per 12 plus sauce
Roasted Potatoes-40 pounds
Green Bean Almondine- 26 pounds
Toss Salad-see plan for 100 page
Rolls- see plan for 100 page

12oz soda cans- see beverage planning page. Providing iced tea or lemonade will cut your costs.

Georgana Clark
I am feeding 90 people. menu is fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, seasoned apples, tossed salad about 3 different kinds of dressing ,rolls, smallcontainer of cole slaw and ice cream bar of chocolate syrup, some fresh fruit on top .What proportions would be recommended , all the people are adult men and adult women. 80 percent Tea 20 percent water for drinks.
Georgiana, all these foods are covered in the plan for 100 table, the dessert planning page. Make an estimate and post it and I will check for you; amount for 100 minus 10%.
i have to make sweet and sour chicken
for a backyard party for 75 women not sure how much chicken i should buy? They are also having skirt steak, sausage, salads, and a few appetizers ?
Rough with the other stuff. Allow 1 pound raw boneless per 5-6
Doing a dinner for 40 of:

Baked chicken
Parsley potatoes
Green beans
Rolls &butter
Green salad
Fruit salad

What quantities do I need

Using the plan for 100 list, which has all these foods, do 4/10 to amount for 100; or if you want some extra, just do 1/2. In particular, the chicken estimate depends on what cuts of chicken versus whole chickens, and this is explained there.
How many quarts are in a standard full 1/2 tray of food. (IE. Potatoes, Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts, Salad,) Thank You
How many quarts are in a standard full 1/2 tray of food. (IE. Potatoes, Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts, Salad,) Thank You
See the pan size information in the pantry section:

I am catering for a friends wedding (120). Cold buffet. The bride has requested only sliced ham as her main meat. Would you kindly estimate for me how much i will need, or what size joints to buy?
Thank you
Rachael, I need the rest of the menu and you need to get with this lady- many people do not eat pork and of those who do, some don't eat ham.

The usual split on a lunch/sandwich tray is 1 pound per 3-4 people, 1/2 beef, 1/4 turkey, 1/4 ham, plus 1 1/2 to 2 ounces cheese per person.

On a mixed meat buffet, it is 5/8 beef, 3/8 the second meat.

I am planning a menu for 70 people for a church function and have a limited budget, we plan 70 but don't usually get quite that many...we are serving Chicken and Rice bowls. Our plan is to have white and brown rice available I thought 3.5lbs of each.
I have been wavering between doing thighs or breasts for the meat. We were going to cook up a batch each of Almond Sesame, Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour, but as we got thinking about it we thought if we grilled up the chicken and had it cut into smaller pieces in a roaster, they could dish up rice, put chicken on and then just had the sauces to add over the top we would be able to buy less meat. It just seems like breasts would over cook and be dry, whereas thighs are much more forgiving and has a better taste, but is a bit more fatty. And I am not sure how to calculate how much Chicken to buy...I am leaning toward thighs...Your chart says 2lbs raw boneless skinless serves 5-6 but I couldn't figure out how to translate that into bone-in to figure out if its worth it to buy boneless.
I am also curious how I would calculate how much of each sauce I would need.
We will also be having egg rolls and a veggie tray for sides. We will also be having Peas, Chow Mein noodles, water chestnuts, peanuts, mandarin oranges, shredded cabbage, sesame seeds for anyone to add to the top if they so desire.
I like thighs for things that have to hold.

However, you will have moister and tastier chicken if you do a moo goo gai pan for the almond with all the sauce and veggies on it; teriyaki will be pre-marinated, maybe just a dipping sauce; sweet and sour is usually served American style with a fried crust and a sauce pored over, but this is not my favorite; I like it sauteed with a bit of cornstarch as a coating, and a thinner, not red, sauce; see:

As to amounts, you need 4-5 ounces (1 pound per 4) total raw chicken if cooked in mixed dishes, but 7 ounces (2 pounds per 5) if you do the chicken separately. Bone in, it takes about twice as much, but you get to simmer the bones for real chicken broth, which will improve your dishes.

Now, it sounds to me like what you are really doing is more like Hawaiian haystacks, and for these you cook the chicken simmered in broth separately and allow 1/3 cup gravy or sauce per person. I would do about 1/2 each sweet and sour and veggie/almond sauce. Plain soy sauce or teriyaki sauce would do for the other- allow 1 ounce per person "on the table"

When trying to figure amounts for toppings, take a look at the taco bar page and use equivalents; use lettuce measurement for cabbage, for example.

By the way, check out the various Hawaiian haystack threads, you can use the search on this site to find them.
We've done Hawaiian Haystacks before so I am not too concerned about the toppings I have old qty's written down...I personally think the toppings are weird...when i go to panda express my chicken bowl doesn't have toppings!!! The other girls on the board said that's what they do, so that's what we are doing. I make teriyaki chicken bowls, which is actually just a teriyaki BBQ sauce (mandarin chicken at Panda Express) and have done sweet and sour with the corn starch breading and without and it will be okay without, my recipe for the sauce is a lot like the link you sent me. Moo Goo Gai pan isn't really what we are going for, but I appreciate the suggestion!
With your measurements I am thinking maybe 8 cups/ 2 qts of each of the 3 sauces? That way I have a little more for those who prefer one kind more than another.
For Chicken that's 2 lbs/5 people,so 30 lbs of boneless chicken thighs will serve 75 people if I serve the chicken separate from the sauce right?
Thanks for your help!
You need at least 6 quarts total of the sauce for one sauce, some extra for multiples. Likely to be more popular, so consider 3 per for the two most popular.

I have been going over quantities:

350 people, buffet with servers.

3 cheese Baked ziti: 30#
Meatballs: 30#- 800 small meatballs
Fiesta Chicken: 40# of chicken
Rice: 25#

Caesar Salad- Already in bowls
Caesar Dressing: Self-Serve- 3 gallons

What do you think?

Thank you!!!

If this is all the food there is, you will run out of food/meat at around 200 people.

3 cheese Baked ziti: 30#- dry weight? OK
Meatballs: 30#- 800 small meatballs- 70-75 pounds
Fiesta Chicken: 40# of chicken- 70-75 pounds
Rice: 25#- OK

Need a veggie- 60 pounds
Need bread and butter- 45 pounds bread, 12 pounds butter
Need a gallon of low fat Ranch or Italian


I didn't clarify. It is a buffet, but you only get one plate.

I forgot to mention i have the bread and butter already using your quantities.

Thank you.

I am planning a dinner for approximately 175-200 people. The menu is to be Chicken Parmesan, along with spaghetti, rolls, salad, and a large cookie table for dessert. Do you have any suggestions for me to prepare the chicken parmesan in advance, other than making sauce and shredding the cheese? I would appreciate it so much! Also, spaghetti is going to be primarily a side dish, but I suspect some may choose to eat pasta only, and I want to be as prepared as possible. This is for my youngest son's graduation party.
Hi Ellen! We are hosting a family reunion next month. We are anticipating about 100 people but will plan for about 10 extra, just in case.

Can you tell me if the following quantities seem ok?

Chicken- about 35 pounds or 75 pieces (breast,drumsticks and thighs)
Ziti-two full trays (deep trays)

Potato Salad-about 16 lbs

Tossed Salad- two full trays
2 quarts of salad dressing

1 tray of Utica Greens

2 trays of tomato pie (like pizza but with tomato sauce-48 slices each pie)

1 full sheet cake and two platters (14") of cookies

15 rolls of Italian bread/butter

15 2 litter bottles of soda

75 water bottles (it may be very hot)

3 very large bags of tortilla chips
4 jars of salsa
4 lbs of carrot sticks
2 heads of broccoli
cut celery (about 1 lb)
3 containers of ranch dip
Chex Mix- 3 Large Bags

Clarification of Quantities- 100 people family reu
Hi, Tammy,
These items look short to me, unless many are young children or very light eaters- here are some suggestions:

Chicken- about 35 pounds or 75 pieces (breast, drumsticks and thighs)- I usually do 70 pounds of pieces for 100

Ziti-two full trays (deep trays)- full tray is only at most 30 servings- at least 3

Potato Salad-about 16 lbs- that's two gallons, I do 4

Tossed Salad- two full trays- that's about 60 servings
2 quarts of salad dressing- 3 to 4 quarts for 100- see the plan for 100 page

1 tray of Utica Greens- 2 ounces raw per person? This is about 1 ounce cooked

2 trays of tomato pie (like pizza but with tomato sauce-48 slices each pie)-OK

1 full sheet cake and two platters (14") of cookies- sheet cake serves 50-60

15 rolls of Italian bread/ OK butter 2-3 pounds, but how about olive oil dipping sauce on the tables instead?

15 2 liter bottles of soda see beverage planning page for how much of which

75 water bottles (it may be very hot)- at least 100 to 150
1 pound ice per 100

3 very large bags of tortilla chips at least 6 pounds
4 jars of salsa- 12 cups

4 lbs of carrot sticks-OK
2 heads of broccoli
cut celery (about 1 lb)
You need 4 broccoli, 2 cauliflower, 2 quarts cherry tomatoes
3 containers of ranch dip-12 cups

Chex Mix- 3 Large Bags - 6-8 pounds

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, consider a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support this site.

Thanks!Will do...I appreciate the help
Luanna Dotterer
Having a meal for 200 people. We are having haystacks, have you ever heard of them? It is a layered plate starting w/ crushed soda crackers, rice, tomato based hamburger sauce, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese sauce, and topped w/crushed corn chips. I have likened it to amounts for taco's or chili which would be about 40#-50# raw lean hamburger, 8 qts of lettuce,3 gallons of cheese sauce, 30 sleeves of crushed soda crackers, and rice as a side dish to equal 150 servings, and 8 bags of corn chips. Does this sound reasonable? Could you fine tune the amount for the hamburger. It will be 1/3 children. My family are big eaters & I tend to think that all people eat a lot.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Luanna, there are several threads on haystacks- put haystacks in the search machine and they will all come up for you. Here is one, there are 7 more:

Nobody had every included crushed crackers, that may be a family addition, can't help about that.

These threads in the archive will help, too.

I allow about 1/3 cup gravy or sauce per serving.

When trying to figure amounts for toppings, take a look at the taco bar page and use equivalents; use lettuce measurement for cabbage, for example.

Having a lunch for 60+ crowd at church. 60 attendees. Theme - tailgate. I have a hard time with multiple main dishes - we always have way too much food. Menu: pulled pork sliders, buffalo chicken sliders (mild) and bean chili (vegetarian option). sides: fresh fruit salad, coleslaw, chips & dip.

I am guessing the pork will be more popular so I was going to make 70% pork, 50% chicken. My two questions:

Because this is an older crowd, we find they don't eat quite as much. My plan is for 2 1/2 sliders per person - does this sound accurate?

Do I make one serving of chili per person or more or less ?? We only have a couple of people who are vegetarians, but I think most people will have a bowl.


2 sliders each is plenty, some folks will eat just 1. Make just 3 1/2 gallons of chili- 4 if you think you will have other eaters.

The incredibly easy vegetarian chili at allrecipes.come is a very mild recipe, better the second day.

Susan Jahn
50 people for a wedding buffet

I am having fried chicken,, ham, scalloped potatoes, Caesar salad, green bean casserole and rolls. How much do I need of each...could you tell me how many pieces of chicken instead of pounds?

Wedding cake for dessert is all set!

Thank you!

120 if it is whole chickens with wings and legs, or a quarter per person plus a few extra if it is quarters.
I am planning a memorial service for 200 people with light refreshments. How much will I need of the following: Sandwiches, Relish Tray (Celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers), Fruit Tray (Grapes, Strawberries, Water Mellon, Cantaloupe), Cheese & Cracker Tray, Chips, Pretzels, cookies, punch & coffee.
1 sandwich per person
6 times the veggie tray for 25 on the veggie tray page
15 pounds cheese, some can be spreads,
12 pounds crackers
10-12 pounds chips, up to 1 pint dip or salsa per pound
8 pounds pretzels
fruit tray, use the pineapple platter for 25; skip the pineapple, do 6-8 times the amounts, probably 6 for mid afternoon
2-3 cookies or bars per person, depends on size
Punch and coffee, per the beverage planning page, using reception/ dinner level coffee

Hope this helps.

Gina Hinz
Hi Thank you in advance.
Graduation Party for 125 people.
Taco Bar with fixings,plus sides of Spanish Rice, Beans, Chips n Salsa, Chili Con Carne and Nacho Cheese, fruit Platter, dessert. Do I do Everything figured at 150 people? and with all the side dishes do I figure them at the 150 still?
This is what I have figured out....

32 pounds of Ground Beef Taco Meat
15 pounds of Lettuce
12 pounds of cheese
14 pounds salsa
48 medium tomatoes for pico degalo
16 large onions
seasonings for pico de galo
32 cups of sour cream
2 7lb cans of olives
1 7lbs. can of black beans
300 soft flour tortillas
300 crisp hard taco shells
28 lbs. refried beans
28 lbs. of chili con carne -no beans
21 lbs. nacho cheese spread
7 lbs. jalapeno rings
16 pounds of tortilla chips

I have to figure out the Spanish rice....
and fruit trays. do I figure them at 150 people?

I wanted to know what you thought of wrapping the Tortillas in tinfoil in bundles of 12 and wrapping them in a plastic bag and putting in a cooler with hot, hot water to heat about an hour before the dinner?????

Thank you again for the help.

Gina Hinz
wrap each bundle of 12 tortillas in an individual bag and then pour hot hot water n with all of them.


Gina, I would not use the water method- see the discussion on reheating tortillas on the taco/potato bar page.

You have plenty of food. 10 pounds dry rice to make the rice.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Gina Hinz
with all the food mentioned previously do Do I figure Fruit platters and Rice and Beans at 150 people?
Thank You.
One of the deluxe fruit trays for 100 on the fruit tray page would be about right.

10 pounds dry beans to make the beans, or about 5 #10 cans, counting ALL the different beans.

You're welcome.

Hi Ellen,
I am planning a party for my son' Eagle Court of Honor( a Boyscout award). We will have about 100 guests. I was hoping you could tell me if I have enough food planned.I have:
1. 2 Spiral ham bone in- 21 pounds total
2. 220 mini Italian meatballs and sauce
3 40 imitation crab salad sandwiches
4. 40 chicken salad sandwiches
5 3 Mac & cheese- 1 lb. pasta in each
6. 3 baked ziti- 1lb. Pasta and hamburg in each
7. 2 extra large cans of bush's baked beans( 234
Ounces total)
8. 20 lbs. roasted potatoes
9. Vegetable tray
I am adding 6 links of kielbasa with BBQ sauce and grape jelly in a crock pot. It is supposed to serve 50.
Hi, Christine, congrats on that hard working guy.

1. 2 Spiral ham bone in- 21 pounds total
2. 220 mini Italian meatballs and sauce
3 40 imitation crab salad sandwiches
4. 40 chicken salad sandwiches
6 links kielbasa and sauce
Plenty of meats and entrees, probably some left

5 3 Mac & cheese- 1 lb. pasta in each
6. 3 baked ziti- 1lb. Pasta and hamburg in each
For 100 people, I usually do 10 pounds total baked pasta. Even with the potatoes, I would increase to 8.

7. 2 extra large cans of bush's baked beans( 234
Ounces total); for 100 people, I do 4 #10 cans

8. 20 lbs. roasted potatoes- OK

9. Vegetable tray -OK, but you might consider green salad instead, see the plan for 100

I would add a fruit tray, see the fruit tray page.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your input. Just wondering about the pasta. The baked pasta dishes each have 1lb of dry pasta before cooked with added cheese, sauce and meat. Did you mean to make 10 cooked baed ziti and Mac and cheeses in total ? 10 boxes of 1 lb boxes of pasta in total?
Sorry. I see what you are saying. Been busy cooking and shopping and wasn't thinking clearly. Thank you very much for your help.
C50 PEOPLEarification of Quantities
I am serving 50 scalloped potatoes and ham. I would like a generous amount of ham. What do you suggest?
12 pounds diced or sliced will be fine in your dish (20-25 pounds potatoes).
Bonnie Myer
50 people and some will not eat a large 1/2 some
Need figures to serve 50 people at 1015 RV park we will serve menu : Baked potatoes, sour cream, green onions broccoli butter chili salsa bacon bits tomatoes and what kind of meat it's for St Patrick's day and corn beef is to expensive so what would substitute for corn beef in a cheaper meat!!
Bonnie, if you are wanting an Irish tone, some possible entrees would be;
shepherds pie
sausages- bangers and mash
pasties (ground or stewed meat turnovers)
roasted salmon
Guiness glazed pork roast
lamb, mutton, or beef stew

How much cooking do you want to do? Write back.

40Clarification of Quantities
Hello. Party of forty

Hot dogs and Mac and cheese to start

Then will a whole tray and half ziti
Same amount of sausage pepper a d onons
Two who's tray chicken Frances's
Large salad

Is this enough

Are these tiny hot dogs and mac-and-cheese bites as an appetizer? Is the rest dinner? Will alcohol be served? What about bread or rolls? And what is a who's tray? Write back.
Hi wedding buffet for 250 guests ... 80 lbs pulled pork with 2 gallons bq sauce served on the side .... steak buns .. chicken legs 250 .. 4 gallons potato salad .. 4 gallons spaghetti salad ... 4 gallons 7 layer salad .. 6 gallons baked beans (with hamburger in it) fruit tray off your suggestion ... and 31 lbs of fresh veggies ... 2 gallons pickles and 1 gallon black olives ... does this sound good ... any changes?
How many pounds of ground beef ,rice and cabbage to make around 150 stuffed cabbage Size of rolls would be average
This makes about 200

ground beef, lean, 24 pounds
rice, 3 quarts cooked, which is about 2 1/2 pounds
cabbage, 30 pounds as purchased

ABout 5 quarts tomato sauce and 3 1/2 pounds onions

Hello Ellen,

I am planning a party for about 20 adults and 20 children (ages 2 - 7) from noon to 3pm. I am unsure about food quantities...and I have a habit of significantly over estimating so I am trying to pare myself down. This is what i was thinking...

Chicken kebabs (souvlaki)
Pork kebabs
Veggie kebabs

Side dishes:
Spanikopita triangles
Greek pasta salad
Fruit salad
Plus an assortment of chips/dip

I was thinking 2-3 kebabs of each kind per adult and 1 of each per kid. 2 spanikopita triangles per person. Does that sound like enough for a meal time party? And how much chicken breast and pork loin does that mean I should buy? I've got a good idea of how much fruit I need, but how much pasta salad should I make?

Thank you in advance! Your site is a great resource.

Likely the kids will eat a chicken kabab, each 2 adults will eat 2 pork and 2 chicken kababs, and that wud be about 15 pounds chicken and 8 pounds boneless pork.

x60 veggie kababs would be plenty. Still, considering the fiddly nature of kabab grilling, consider making the vegetables as oven roasted vegetables, less on the grill, can be done ahead, less trouble, and people will only take what they want. Can be served room temp, also! You would do about 10 pounds ready to cook.

22 spanakoita per person, good. Either have some fresh pita, about 16 whole, or some other bread, abut 4 pounds.

Greek pasta salad, start with2 pounds dr pasta
Fruit salad, about 1 1/2 gallons
Plus an assortment of chips/dip. 1 pound chips per 10-12, 1 pint salsa or dip per pound

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

Having a graduation party in my backyard with 45 attending...please tell me how much I need of each of the following:
Spanish Rice and beans
Eggplant Parm
Hamburgers and Hot dogs
Mixed Salad
Potato Salad
Buffalo chicken Salad

Also having an appetizer table 1 hr before serving
If you can help I would appreciate it.

Clarification of Quantities-45 people, graduation
Pernil- 25 pounds bone in, some left
Buffalo chicken Salad, 1 gallon
Eggplant Parm, 4-5 9x13 dishes
Hamburgers and Hot dogs- suggest you skip, or do a baked chicken that can be done faster and no grilling, 36-40 pieces (a quarter is 2 pieces)

Spanish Rice and beans, 4 pounds each dried rice and dried beans, some left

Mixed Salad, 1/2 the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 page
Potato Salad, 2 gallons

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

Also, Arleen, about 6 "bites" per person for the appetizers, where an ounce of cheese or fruit, or a mini quiche or stuffed mushroom is a bite
Thank You Ellen! How about fresh cut up fruit...strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries and pineapples for 25?
clarification on quantities-50 people

Stuffed green bell peppers
chicken paprikash with dumplings - mage with boneless thighs
kielbasa and sauerkraut
pierogie bake, which is a layered whipped cheesy potato, pasta, and sauteed onion casserole

thank you so much

Jennifer, you posted on this thread and I answered:

Martha angelo
I am doing a party for 70 people this is what I plan on getting. 2 6 ft heros and 4 or five hot dishes catered chicken Parmesan ziti sausage and peppers and potato chips cheese a antipasta salads etc . How many trays of hot food do I need
Martha, 2 6 foot heroes is 50-60 servings. If you are having 4-5 other choices of hot food, you could have a lot of sandwich left over, as many will prefer the hot food unless it is teenagers.

Full pans serve about 20. If I were you, I would order 1 hero and 2 each of the 2 meats, 2 of the pasta
chicken Parmesan -2
sausage and peppers -2
ziti -3

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

Jill Matheny
I need to make vodka sauce fot 100 you have a easy tecipe for this quantity?
Yes, there are several easy ways to approach this. Each of these would be plenty for 25 pounds of pasta, which is entree portions for 100. You put 1 cup sauce over 1 1/3 to 2 cups pasta.
If I wanted easy with fancy, I would do #2 with all the veggie and herb add-ins from #1.

REMEMBER, each gallon of liquid takes up to 20 minutes to come to a boil. Allow PLENTY of time when estimating your prep times. Always better to hold on warm than to be unfinished at dinner time. Also see the spaghetti page (button at the top of the main forum page) for cautions and techniques on cooking this much pasta.

Soup base, rather heavy on the vodka (1/4 cup per person}

olive oil 1 1/2 cups
shallot 5-1/3 cup
garlic,fresh, chopped 2 cups
vodka 8 liters OR 2 gallons (frankly, you could sub 1 gallon chicken broth for 1 gallon of the vodka)
Classic Tomato soup concentrate 5 quarts
Swanson® Low salt Chicken Broth 2 gallons
heavy cream 2 1/2 quarts
1. Heat oil , add shallots and garlic and sauté 1-2 minutes. Add vodka and let cook 1 minute. Add tomato soup, chicken broth and cream and bring barely to a boil. Watch it! Reduce heat immediately and simmer sauce 10 minutes.

artichoke hearts, chopped coarsely 128 oz.,21+cups, 2 #10 cans
sun-dried tomatoes, julienne in oil 53-1/3 oz. 10-2/3 cup, 1 #10 can
fresh basil leaves 5-1/3 cups
fresh parsley 5-1/3 cups
cooked rotini (spiral) pasta or penne 25 pounds dry
Parmesan cheese 32 oz.,2 pounds OR16 cups
2. Add artichokes, tomatoes, basil and parsley; heat through. Keep warm until ready to serve.
3.To Serve: For each serving, toss 1 cup hot sauce with 1 1/3 cups warm pasta

If you make this ahead, it must be reheated VERY carefully, over low-medium heat. Takes over an hour. It will crack and be unusable if heated too fast.

PECORINO VODKA SAUCE- jar sauce, very light vodka

Vodka 4 cups, 1 liter
Top quality jarred Spaghetti Sauce 16 quarts, 4 gallons, which is 5 1/2 #10 cans.
Cream, heavy whipping 4 cups
Pecorino Romano cheese, grated 3 pounds OR 12 cups
Salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste
25 pounds dry pasta


Place pan over a medium flame.
Add vodka to pan and bring to a boil.
Stir in spaghetti sauce, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
Add cream, cheese, then season with pepper and salt to taste.

Any idea on how much lo mein I need to cook to serve 80 people?
Please tell me what else is being served and if it is buffet, this affects quantities. Write back.
I am doing a graduation party - approx. 75 adults

My main menu:
Chicken paprikas (so far 7 1/2# chicken - 5# spaetzels)
Stuffed cabbage - 60 pieces
Sausage and peppers (so far 10# sausage make about 80 3" pieces)
Rigatoni with meat sauce - planned large crock pot

Sides: baked beans, broccoli /sunflowers salad, creamed cucumbers, macaroni salad (2# uncooked noodles)

Dessert - tons

Do you think I need more on the main dishes or any suggestion for additional sides?

Thanks for your help.....

You look short to me in meats/entrees, especially if this is mostly grad-aged people. If I had 70 people with this assortment , I would increase amounts

Chicken paprikas (so far 7 1/2# chicken - 5# spaetzels)
Stuffed cabbage - 60 pieces- OK, all gone, very close, more would not hurt
Sausage and peppers (so far 10# sausage make about 80 3" pieces) 15 pounds minimum
Rigatoni with meat sauce - planned large crock pot, that is 6 quarts. Add second same size, vegetarian, for any non-meat eating guests

baked beans, 9-10 quarts
broccoli /sunflowers salad, 1 1/2 gallons
creamed cucumbers, 1 1/2 gallons
macaroni salad (2# uncooked noodles)- 3 at least, 4 would not hurt

Good bread, 9 pounds, 2 pounds butter , would be a fine addition

Hope this helps, you can write back.

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Im catering a party for 100 people. they want sausage and peppers, Mac & cheese (homemade), chicken fingers, penny vodka. How many full trays do I need to make also to have some left over.
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