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My boyfriend is Filipino and we love going to get Taho from the filipino market. I've been trying to make it at home and CANNOT get it right. They also make it at the Chinese place we go to with similar consistancy and flavor (except with ginger).
I've tried soymilk boiled with gelatin. It ends up like tofu jello and can't be heated without melting. I also tried steaming tofu in the rice cooker with hot water but it never seems to turn into that perfect not quite liquid/solid form. Do I have to use soy flour or steam soy beans to get that creamy/goopy texture?
Please help!
There is a long article with recipes on this site. I can also get a mix at my Chinese grocery called soy bean pudding that is very close. It is made from scratch, not from tofu.
Is it necessary to dehull the soybeans after soaking?
Are you making soy milk with machine or by hand? If it is for soy pudding, you want to get out the hulls, for the sake of the smooth creamy texture.
I am making the taho. Trying to make it from scratch and have seen recipe that included dehulling the soybeans. In your recipe, it didn't say that and my first attempt, it curdled, what did I do wrong? I wanted it to come out smooth. Any tips? Also, I am using calcium sulfate. Love your website!
Usually it curdles from too much calcium sulfate or because you moved or jiggles the dish while it was setting, or because the soy milk was too hot. Good luck with your project!
Just out of curiosity, is Taho the White Gelatin textured dessert I find at Chinese Buffets?
I've only had it at one place here in Northern Kentucky. It's smooth like jello, but firmer almost like a glossy but edible plastic feel (at first), then doesn't quite dissolve on tongue but can be mashed up in the mouth.
Then has a mildly milky, subtle sweet almond flavor to it.

Is the TAHO?

No, this is an almond flavored jello-like dessert. It is tasty, too, but taho is different.
Wow that is so interesting.
Love learning new things. Thanks
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