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E. J. Gold's The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus. One of his descriptions of "sleep" (Pp. 51-2) follows.

"Sleep presents in many different ways. In sleep, the machine exerts its own will and we have no voice in its behavior; our higher aims are lost in the organic storms of the machine as it follows one organic distraction and attraction after another. We are carried along helplessly by the machine in its mechanical pursuits.

"Another symptom of the sleep of the machine is that we find ourselves for some inexplicable reason actually following what we know to be trivial aims.

"We find ourselves protecting property, trying to enhance our personal behavior and appearance. To our utter amazement we find ourselves really caring about the kind of car we drive or the quality of manufacture of our Italian shoes and fourteen-karat gold chains, or whether or not we look good in sunglasses.

"We suddenly discover that we care what people think about us and we really are concerned about which politican gets into office. We find ourselves immersed in the excitement of a Tupperware plastic food-storage container sales party, and in a frenzy over exactly which Tupperware set we should buy. And if not Tupperware, then the new miracle Cambridge weight-loss diet power or the new French Moulinex food-processor."