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Back where you started

Robert Levine has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 24 years and homeopathy for 12 years. He came to this profession from a varied background which has enriched his medical practice. Robert had done a lot of community organizing, an experience which sharpened his awareness of peopleís suffering and life's difficulties and also taught him to trust people's courage and ability to overcome difficulties.

Robert's initial training in Chinese medicine began traditionally, with about ten years of apprenticeship to highly qualified doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from China. "Zhong Yi", usually translated "doctor", is the Chinese title for a practioner of TCM. He continues to seek out qualified teachers to further develop his skills and knowledge.

As part of this activity, Robert co-published a number of articles in the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE. He also studied with Dr. Dolma, the 'first lady 'of Tibetan medicine, while she visited in the United States. In 1983 he played a major role in organizing the ICH, which sponsored a four year professional training course by Dr. Francisco Eizayaga, one of south America's leading homeopathic physicians.

In addition to a very busy private practice Robert has served as a proctor in clinical internship programs for both the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the San Francisco College of Oriental Medicine. He continues to supervise tutorial and apprenticeship students, currently supervising seven students. From time to time Robert offers professional TCM continuing education seminars including advanced pulse-taking, diagnosis and treatment strategies.

Mobilizing each personís determination and inner healing is an important part of Robert's practice. As an undergraduate in psychology, Robert helped organize a substance abuse counseling program using holistic group dynamic which was so successful, it replaced an "official" and highly coercive anti-drug program. He later completed a masters program in psychology. He worked in public mental health programs and had a private practice in somatic-oriented psychotherapy for about ten years, overlapping the time he was training in and first practicing Chinese medicine. You can reach Dr. Bob at robertlevineclinic at