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What choices! My food and recipes links collection run over 3500 now, so my executive decision is to treat you to a few of the most lovingly done and unusual each time:

June 2005
A favorite recipe site, the recipe goldmine, is e-publishing several great bakers guides. Check it out.

Autumn 2004
Chocolate! History and more at a most charming self-described "Politically incorrect cooking site".

Already tired of thinking about holiday foods? How about a wonderful potato link?
Big Spud!
over 60 high fiber vegan recipes

Summer sped by in an orgy of cooking and painting. Now there is a big blue Hubbard squash beckoning from the pantry as world leaders threaten once again to disrupt the lives of families. Let's figure out how to cook up some peace.

  • Here is a hard to find link for a wonderful cookbook for ICARDA, a little international organization that helps farmers in drought-stricken areas get back to work. Legune-based (lentil wine!) but not strictly vegetarian.
  • Also, check out "495 human-selected African recipe linkss". "If you bookmark this page, you will soon be as happy as me," invites this webmaster, and the recipes he links to are simple, unusual, and delicious.
  • Storage foods are economical and always give you something to share. Recipes here.
  • A wonderful index of crockpot recipes for autumn evenings

Foggy winter easing into spring. Let's take a trip:

Autumn treats

  • Take a little break from traditional Anglo holiday foods with authentic Mexican recipes at the Mexican grocer's.
  • A sweet site for 1950's-based comfort food. Wonderful, simple hot desserts and other fall foods.
  • We're filling lunchboxes with Veggieburgers . Check out a collection of prize-winning burger recipes. Tofu, nut, vegetable, or grain base? Baked or fried? All are represented here. I especially like the prize-winning "Beet this burger.".
  • A collection of Middle Eastern appetizers and salads to provide a nice buffet for about a dozen. I would add my Arabic green soup, Gormeh-sabzi or another vegetable or lamb stew.

Summer 2001-grills, grills, grills and other hot stuff:

Winter 2000- Stir up your winter soul:

December:Take a break from your holiday preparations and get inspired. Check out:

From August, enjoy:

Muslim Halal news updates- fascinating and helpful reading.

If you find unusually charming or useful links, please email them for possible inclusion in our link base!